Agent 009


Name: Joe Shimamura, Cyborg 009
Origin: Cyborg 009
Gender: Male
Classification: Cyborg
Age: Unknown
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speeddurability, endurance, agility, dexterity, acceleration switch to increase his speed up to mach 3, can breath underwater, polarized lens (night vision), language translator, voice translator, electromagnetic reception device, can recycle oxygen for one hour, skin that is stronger than rubber and steel, his artificial skin can repel poison, knows morse code
Weaknesses: When in acceleration mode 009 cannot hear voices and sounds normally. While in mach speed acceleration, the cyborgs cannot see objects with a slower velocity. However, objects that come to acomplete stop will appear accelerated to the cyborg
Destructive Capacity: At least large building level+ (vaporized a large amount of rock with his laser pistol)
Range: Several dozen meters, attacks like breathing fire can reach up to a few metres, his telepathy range is also fairly far
Speed: Supersonic+ (can move at mach 3) | Supersonic+ originally, up to relativistic+ after upgrade (stated by Professor Gilmore in Gilmore's Notes to be able to achieve close to the speed of light)
Durability: At least superhuman (bullets are ineffective) | At least small building level (survived atmospheric reentry, survives Apollo's flames which can melt boulders)
Lifting Strength: Class 10+ (able to swing a solid steel large robot, has the strength of 100 men)
Striking Strength: Superhuman
Stamina: Fairly large
Standard Equipment: Laser pistol (has three settings, a heat ray, can expel a deadly gas, and can operate as a normal gun), a radio device installed just above his right ear (allows 009 to stay in constant comunication with his teammates through electromagnetic brainwaves)
Intelligence: Skilled combatant
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