Hunting Horror soars in the night skies
Hunting Horror soars in the night skies

Name: Hunting Horror
Origin: Demonbane
Type: Flying motorbike, pseudo Deus Machina
In use by: Leica Crusade, Sandalphon
Powered by: Pnakotic Manuscripts
Destructive Capacity: City block level+, city level+ concentrated force
Durability: Large building level+, town level w/ barriers (although its defenses could be worn down by repeated attacks)
Material: Unknown (likely some sort of Adamantium alloy)
Performance: Massively hypersonic+ (faster than most Anticross mechas)
Weaknesses: The machine was made by Doctor West thus malfunctions may happen. While using the vehicle, Etheldreda subtly attempts to overtake the operator's consciousness, a threat that grows stronger with the machine's extended use.
Terrain: Air, ground
Needed Prerequisite for Use: Being someone with high physical durability to survive on the bike while also possessing exceptional mental strength and magic processing ability
Operational Timeframe: Varies (depending on the user's magic potential)
Weaponry: None
Weapons Range: Melee
Special Forms: None
Notable Features: Super speed and durability, flight, magic, supposedly has 90% of Etheldreda's spells incorporated, barriers, able to increase the magic abilities of the user, can ram into the opponent with incredible force, steals magic energy from the target on physical contact (which is also helpful at draining the enemy's barriers)
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Run'Em Over: Hunting Horror flies right through you. Many times. Repeatedly. It also absorbs the target's magic powers and drains its barriers on contact.


Sandalphon riding Hunting Horror
Sandalphon riding Hunting Horror

Leica riding Hunting Horror
Leica riding Hunting Horror