Aeon with the Scimitar
Scimitar of Barzai

Name: The Scimitar of Barzai
Origin: Demonbane
Type: Sword/Magic Instrument
Powers and Abilities: Allows the user to focus his/her magic energy to a small point thus increasing the user's arcane and cutting power dramatically, can be thrown like a deadly boomerang, vacuum cuts, can generate a beam blade for additional reach
Destructive Capacity: Large building level+, probably multi city block level+ (by focusing all his power into the blade late game Magius Kurou managed to breach Demonbane's armor open) | Town level+ (Sliced Dagon in half, managed to pierce Kraken) | At least city level+ (stronger than late game Demonbane's regular punches that are comparable to a nuke, can slice through dozens of creatures comparable to Dagon, sliced Lord Byakhee in half while it was performing its Screaming Bird attack)
Wielder(s): Kurou Daijuuji, Edgar, Azrad, Aeon, Demonbane, Mars Demonbane and Elder God Demonbane
Material or Element: Unknown
Needed Prerequisite for Use: Possess a contract with Al Azif or Another Blood
Notable Attacks/Techniques or Alternate Forms:

Other: The stats above only apply to the first Demonbane game.

Key: Kurou Daijuuji's | Incomplete form Demonbane's | Complete form Demonbane's