A Culture Orbital
"A Culture Orbital"

Name: The Culture
Origin: The Culture
Classification: Mostly humanoid and AI interstellar civilization
Age: Unknown, at least several thousand years
Population: Likely Quintillions, perhaps more
K-Level: 3
Technology/Abilities: Post-scarcity society, practical FTL travel hundreds of thousands of times lightspeed and much faster in shorter bursts, massively superhuman intelligence and reaction times, planet and star system destroying weaponry is common, attack ranges measured in thousands of light-years and ability to attack from other dimensions, control and reprogramming of technological and organic systems via wormhole effectors, teleportation via displacers, access to the Grid, an infinite energy source (obviously they can only used a limited amount at a time, but they'll never run out), Special Circumstances agents can destabilize, collapse, manipulate, or alter more primitive civilizations without them even realizing it, shields that can tank supernova - level energies, generation and manipulation of antimatter and black holes, engineering of megastructures, ability for individuals to "Sublime", where they transcend their physical forms and become cosmic beings, many others
Weaknesses: Lack of time travel technology (in fact the author has stated that time travel is impossible in the Culture universe), cannot travel to other universes
Industrial Capacity: Virtually limitless due to access to the grid and energy - to - matter conversion technology, a single ship managed to create a fleet of over 200,000 ships in under 10 years
Holdings: A significant part of the Milky Way galaxy, several competing powers also inhabit the galaxy as well as many other more primitive civilizations
Notable Individuals:

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