Justice League Beta Test


Background Information

 The DC TV multiverse is an extensive verse, spanning 4 primary series; The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow, and containing no less than 52 individual universes. Each of these shows follow the exploits of live-action incarnations of classic DC heroes as they fight to defend their cities, their loved ones, and often the world.


Primary Canon

- Arrow
- Constantine
- The Flash
- Supergirl
- Legends of Tommorow
- Vixen (Web series)

Secondary Canon

- Arrow Vol.1
- Arrow Season 2.5
- The Flash: Season 0
- Arrow: The Dark Archer

Standing in the Battledome

Originally just the Arrow-verse, the DCTV-verse was initially stuck at low street level; with top-tiers eventually reaching superhuman+ DC and durability, and transonic reactions. However, the addition of The Flash raised the bar substantially, especially when the show's time travel aspects lead to retroactive powerscaling for most speedsters. Now -- several years, crises, and spin-offs later -- we have black hole shattering Kryptonian's and speedsters invisible to cameras filming at 1 trillion FPS. That's to say nothing of the myriad of hax present even outside cosmic God-tiers. Time travel, dimension-hopping, intangibility, a-causal pocket dimension, time manipulation, possession, atomic transmutation, magic (general), precognition, probability manipulation.   

In the background, cosmic abstracts and self-declared deities rend the fabric of reality with their machinations. A primordial demon rages against the walls of his temporal prison, ripping time asunder. A man's towering ambition leads to the complete erasure of the multiverse, only for a mysterious entity to spark creation a new.       


Supporters of the Series

  • Crimson Dragoon
  • Kurou
  • Sloth
  • Thespacelord
  • Sherlōck
  • Weiss

OBD Profiles


Character Profiles

Cosmic & Divine Entities

Manny Speed Force The Monitor

Superheroes & Vigilantes

Atom Flash Green Arrow Supergirl

Elongated Man
John Constantine
Kid Flash
Killer Frost
Martian Manhunter
Mr. Terrific
White Canary



A.M.A.Z.O Damian Dahrk Reverse Flash The Thinker Vandal Savage

Gorilla Grodd



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