Joshua Christopher OBD
The horned saint

Name: Joshua Christopher
Origin: Chrono Crusade
Gender: Male
Classification: Human, Apostle, Sinner
Age: 17+ (he's the older brother of Rosette)
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, magic, ability to manipulate the astral line and perform small miracles, healing, forcefields, has Chrono's horns that grant him telepathy and the ability to stop time
Weaknesses: He's completely insane. Cocky and overconfident as hell. Obsessed with his little sister, Rosette.
Destructive Capacity: At least building level+, large building level with Gospel
Range: Human melee range, dozens of meters via time stop, dozens of meters w/ his gun
Speed: At least faster than the eye, probably supersonic via powerscaling (able to solo a large group of Pursuers in seconds, can effortlessly blitz Rosette and sealed Chrono in their first encounter)
Durability: Unknown, at least building level+ via forcefields
Strength: Likely a few tons (he can rip large demons apart with his hands)
Stamina: Large (he never appeared to tire, even after he murdered dozens of demons in one go)
Standard Equipment: Chrono's horns, M1911 Colt (stolen from Rozette, can fire Sacreds and Gospel rounds)
Intelligence: Above average intelligence. He's sharp and cunning albeit his insanity hinders Joshua severely.
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