"I used to think that defeating the Zerg would take precise military maneuvers,
clever tactics and strong leadership. I was wrong. You can't out-think the Swarm,
you can't out-maneuver the Swarm, and you certainly can't break the morale of the
Swarm. I hate to admit this, but I could do my job just as well if I ordered all my men to
simply shoot anything that moves."

Name: The Zerg Swarm
Origin: Starcraft
Classification: Biologically-based intergalactic empire
Age: only slightly younger than the Protoss, at least thousands of years old
Population: Precise numbers unknown. stated as "uncountable" when equated to billions of terrans and protoss. can increase exponentially if not held in check
K - Level: I+, able to strip entire planets of all valuable resources and energy in days
Technology/Abilities: Able to create wormholes, have a sizable fleet of biological spaceships, the ability to mutate more Zerg strains from available larva, advanced DNA manipulation, extensive knowledge of biological material, the ability to create planetary defenses against space-borne attacks, the ability to spawn creatures at an incredibly high rate, a hivemind allowing for the free sharing of information in seconds, a psychic ability to detect radio and similar signals, as well as detect energy spikes or common forms of cloaking, able to infect and change entire planets into Zerg life forms with the Zerg hyper-evolutionary virus. The ability to adapt and use any assimilated biological qualities or materials to improve themselves. their main workers for extracting resources are also able to mutate into necessary Zerg structures for life, and their ground troops range from building to town level in ability. The Zerg hyper-evolutionary virus, meanwhile, is able to improve the basic features and stats of beings it infests while assimilating them into the zerg hivemind, absorbing their knowledge at the same time, countless other viral, acidic, and fungal compounds able to do considerable amounts of damage
Weaknesses: Relies on individuals with high psionic potential for leadership, partially mollified by the introduction of queens and swarm queens. vulnerable to psionic-based attacks. require resources to continually create new zerg life forms, lacks any form of proper WMD outside of the Zerg hyper-evolutionary virus, no ability to move much further beyond FTL without a wormhole generated by either a Leviathan or Kerrigan/The Overmind, often have difficulty on the ground when fighting in closed-off territory
Industrial Capacity: High, exponential. A single Zerg drone may land on a planet, create a hatchery, and create an army hundreds of thousands strong with enough power to evenly contest a terran and protoss fleet
Holdings:  Thousands of worlds, with the potential to spread quickly to far more. at least hundreds formerly belonged to the Dominion of Man, and dozens to the old Confederacy. They currently have thousands of infested worlds to grow from.
Notable Individuals: Sarah Kerrigan

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