Yes, they're toys. Deal with it.
Yes, they're toys. Deal with it.


Background Information

Bionicle is a fantasy/science fiction universe created by the Lego Group. Despite Lego’s reputation of making kiddy, plotless themes, Bionicle actually has a complex story and mythos if you examine it closely. The canon consists of the novels, DC comic books, and web serials, all written by Greg Farshtey. There are four movies, but they are something of a separate continuity, with various inconsistencies with the written materials.
The plot focuses on the Toa, biomechanical warriors with elemental powers who protect the smaller Matoran, and their battles with the Brotherhood of Makuta, non-corporeal beings that possess inorganic robots. A millennium ago, the leader of the Makuta, Teridax, poisoned the Great Spirit Mata Nui, caretaker of the universe, causing him to fall into a coma. It’s the duty and destiny of a team of six Toa, the Toa Nuva, to awaken Mata Nui and restore peace.

Recently, that finally happened. Unfortunately, Teridax took control of Mata Nui’s body before his spirit could return to it. As it turns out, Mata Nui’s “body” is the entire Matoran “universe”- a gargantuan, 12,000 km tall robot with an ocean and a bunch of islands floating around inside it.

The Toa kept fighting, but Teridax sent Mata Nui’s spirit packing, flinging it all the way to another planet called Bara Magna (a real planet, this time), where warriors called Glatorian fight in the arena over resources for their patron villages of Agori.

Recently the main story and the toy line ended, replaced by the much more stupid-sounding Hero Factory toy line. However, Greg Farshtey will continue making new stories and building the universe through various means.


Standing in the Battledome


Bionicle is around Jojo's Bizarre Adventure level powerwise, but typically lacks the hax of JJBA.


Supporters of the Series


- Bender Ninja
- Hadomaru
- Kisame the Shark

Character Profiles

- Helryx
- Toa Ignika
- Kopaka
- Krahka
- Lerahk
- Lewa
- Lhikan
- Mata-Nui
- Nocturn
- Tahu
- Takanuva
- Takutanuva
- Teridax
- Toa Nuva
- Umbra

Weapon Profiles

- Kahnohi Vahi
- Spear of Fusion

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