Inuyasha OBD
Inuyasha and some other main characters that don't matter.

Background Information

Inuyasha is a manga series written by Rumiko Takahashi about some annoying school girl called Kagome, a Half Demon named Inuyasha, and a villain that just about everyone, in and outside of the manga, loves to hate. This is mostly due to the fact that he literally refuses to die no matter what you do to him and has somehow managed to develop every power in fiction - don’t ask me how, he just managed it.

Standing in the Battledome

Physically InuYasha is a very weak verse. The majority of the characters range between building to town level. Due to new calculations, the top tiers of the verse reached at least small city level+.

Speedwise InuYasha characters average out at superhuman to faster than the eye can see and even the most generous speed calcs result in only supersonic speeds.

InuYasha is however known to possess some of the most broken lower tier abilities in fiction, almost managing to surpass a heavily fanwanked Sharingan. Including but not limited to various forms of soul,- imind,- Bodymanipulation, creating black holes which send you to hell, cellular degeneration, intantibility, multiple One-Hit-Kill moves, power sealing on eye contact, power stealing, damage nullification via dumping them into a different dimension, refusing to die even if every thing that has any thing to do with you is annihilated turned into nothing but a steaming pile of shit and then sent to hell and one questionable wish-granting device which transcends space and time.
As a verse they're above Hunter x Hunter (hax wise mostly) and individual characters can rival way stronger characters from other verses just thanks to sheer hax, once again.

Supporters of the Series

  • Garv
  • Hadomaru
  • Level7Noob
  • Lord Raizen
  • NeoKurama
  • Physics Man

Haters of the Series

  • Pretty much everyone else

Character Profiles


Main Cast 


Inuyasha Kagome Miroku Sango Shippo


Naraku and his Offspring


Goshinki Hakudoushi Kagura Kanna Juro and Kage Moryomaru
Naraku Onigumo        




Bankotsu Hiten Koga Manten Ryukotsusei Sesshomaru
Yura Inuyasha OBD        
Shishinki Yura        





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