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Name: Inuyasha
Origin: Inuyahsa
Gender: Male
Classification: Inu hanyō (Half Human Demon Dog)
Age: 200+ years old
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, endurance (can fight with holes punctured in his stomach and his arm partially melted), agility (can maneuver through the air easily), enhanced senses of smell (can track opponent's scent hundreds of meters away) and hearing, regeneration (high-low), resistance to poison (was able to survive poison potent enough to wither a forest in an instant, as well as being able to survive Naraku's miasma), resistant to acid (was able to withstand the powerful corrosive acid within an ogres stomach), resistance to fire, has a form of telekinesis (using his scabbard he can call Tessaiga), wind manipulation (using Tessaiga he can control the flow of wind as well as read it's path), is able to cut dimensions and send opponents directly to hell, able to transform into a full youkai when Tessaiga is out of his possession
Weaknesses: Once a month during the new moon Inuyasha turns into a peak human, risks becoming a mindless yokai if he discards Tessaiga, without his sheath or garb he becomes more susceptible to damage
Destructive Capacity: Town level | Town level+ (Bakuryuha is many times stronger than Kaze no Kizu) | Large building level+ in AoE (Kongōsōha does not focus on destruction, but is more potent than the Bakuryuha to the point of being able to pierce Naraku's barrier) | likely city level (was able to send a large portion of Naraku's harder than diamond spider body to hell, also using the cutting version Inuyasha was able to cut through Naraku's harder than diamond body)
Range: Several hundred meters
Speed: Faster than the eye+, possibly supersonic
Durability: At least multi city block level+, likely small city level+
Lifting Strength: Class 20+ (can casually lift and run with a boulder calc'd at 10 tons with one hand down a mountain, can leap hundreds of meters into the air with people on his back)
Striking Strength: Class 20+, likely much higher | Class TJ+ in his demon form (casually pushed Ryūkotsusei with one hand)
Stamina: Superhuman+ (able to take down whole villages effortlessly, can also travel to villages by jumping all the way whilst carrying people, able to run vast distances at extreme speeds with minimal effort)
Standard Equipment: His sword, Tessaiga (which has various forms: Red Tessaiga which is able slice through kekkai's, Dragon Scaled Tessaiga is able to absorb the youki of anything it cuts as well as being able to cut youki), his priest's garb which is woven from fire rat's fur, making it resistant to fire as well as being "stronger than poor armor"
Intelligence: Hot headed, will usually rush into a battle without thinking, so overall not very battle-smart
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Sankon Tessō: Inuyasha's basic melee attack, which channels his yokai powers through his claws, and is powerful enough to tear apart steel.

- Hijin Kessō: Using demon power he can harden his own blood and, like a bladed projectile, throw it at his enemies.

- Kaze no Kizu: An attack fires out wind in the form of blades which are able to cut through rock.

- Bakuryūha: Tessaiga's ōgi, uses the opponent's own youki and the Kaze no Kizu to return the attack, with it's power magnified.

- Kongōsōha: Fires out diamond hundreds of diamond shards which able to pierce powerful barriers.

- Meidō Zangetsuha: This technique creates a path to Hell itself by creating a giant circular portal that can suck anyone in its path, though it can also be used to escape from a Meidou one is already in, as well as entering/exiting pocket dimensions. Later upgraded to fire several black blades that not only cut a opponent but have their remains sucked up into hell.

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Key: Kaze no Kizu | Bakuryuha | Kongōsōha | Meidō Zangetsuha