The Series Cool Airhsip

Name: Fraxinus
Origin: Date A Live
Type: Airship
In use by: Ratatoskr, comanded by Itsuka Kotori
Powered by: Yggdrafolium
Destructive Capacity: At least Town level, city level with Gungnir
Durability: Town level
Material: Unknown
Performance: At least supersonic
Weaknesses: The personal inside are pure humans
Terrain: Air
Needed Prerequisite for Use: None
Operational Timeframe: At least days
Weaponry: Combat Realizers, Main Cannon Mystletainn, Gungnir
Weapons Range: Several kilometers
Special Forms: None
Notable features: Invinsibility, Barriers, teleporter
Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

- Invisible: A Realizer that is capable of cloaking the entire airship. Used while in non-combat mode.

- Protect: Fraxinus' Defense System, used to defend the ship. It's scale of diameter can be changed according to the Commander of the ship. It can be thickened and expanded depending on the need. This defense system is also powered by Yggdrafolium.


Mystletainn: Fraxinus main weapon, a high energy ion particle laser that is powerful enough to destroy Arbatel's Territory. It's power can be changed depending on the need.


- Gungnir: Gungnir is the Fraxinus' trump card, an immensely powerful cannon amplified by Kotori's angel in its cannon form, Megiddo. It only used as a last resort due to its destructiveness. Also, since Kotori needs to use her strongest move as a Spirit to fire Gungnir, there is also the risk of her going berserk and heavily damaging/destroying the Fraxinus in the process, which is why she would not use it a second time despite the apparent need for it.



Maria Arusu, The AI that runs the ship