Koga keepin' the pimp hand strong
Koga keepin' the pimp hand strong

Name: Kōga
Origin: Inuyahsa
Gender: Male
Classification: Leader of the Eastern Yokai Wolf Tribe (Wolf Demon)
Age: 200+ years old
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, endurance (can fight with holes punctured in his legs and being bitten by a yokai that can crush stone with its teeth), agility (can manoeuver through the air easily), incredible leg strength (can leap hundreds of meters into the air), enhanced senses of smell (can track opponent's scent hundreds of meters away) and hearing, poison and acidic resistance (Naraku's miasma that could melt forests failed to severely injure him even damage him)
Weaknesses: If His Shikon no Tama Jewels get removed his power decreases dramatically
Destructive Capacity: Large building level+ (kicked Inuyasha through solid rock) | Town level (far superior to Inuyasha's Wind Scar)
Range: Average human melee range, a few hundred meters with the Goraishi
Speed: Likely at least supersonic (Kōga is the easily one of the fastest characters in the series)
Durability: Small building level+ (was able to survive hits from a youkai bird that could bite through solid rock)
Lifting Strength: Class 100+ (picked up and threw a giant wolf youkai made of stone a couple of meters, cut diamond with the Goraishi; Is far stronger than Inuyasha)
Striking Strength: Class MJ+ | Class TJ with Goraishi
Stamina: Superhuman+, can run incredible distances for long periods of time, claims he can run three days without stopping, he can also fight for a long time even when he is wounded
Standard Equipment: Goraishi (Youkai claws that generations of Yourouzoku souls are confined in), Shikon no Tama Jewels (originally possessed three jewel shards: one in each leg and one in his right arm, these allowed him to run at exceptional speeds and increased the strength of his right arm)
Intelligence: Average, above average concerning battle tactics
Notable Techniques/Attacks:

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Other: Not to be confused with the similarly named character from Bleach

Key: Base | Goraishi