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Look in my eyes, what do you see? The cult of personality

Name: Donald Trump
Origin: Real Life
Gender: Male
Classification: Human businessman, President of the United States, and hypnotist
Age: 70
Powers and Abilities: Mass mind manipulation on a planetary scale, illusion creation (gets his enemies to constantly attack phantoms), mass hypnosis and offensive mindfuck creates meltdowns in his opponents such as Barack Obama or wins over supporters to his side, expert negotiator, regeneration (low, able to heal himself and his campaign at a rate which stuns opponents), is surrounded by a teflon deflector shield (which can also make him get stronger from attacks on him), mass planetary-scale reality warping (can turn the imaginations of himself and his supporters, or the fears of his opponents, into reality), planetary-scale quantum manipulation (a pseudo-ultimate observer style power in the vein of Haruka Kaminogi, where Trump forces others to live in his own reality, rather than their own or anyone else's, at times allowing him to choose what does and doesn't exist) matter manipulation (can use inanimate objects to enhance his mindfuck abilities, such as his hats), can communicate with and command Bald Eagles, probability manipulation (can give himself multiple ways to win while lowering his opponents' chances of winning, at times up to 0%), Zero System-style precognition which allows him to see all possible courses of action his opponents can potentially take and how to counter them, spatial manipulation (he warps and dominates space so that he can control how and where engagements are fought), can summon his Stand, MAGA, or his mecha, The Towering Trump, at will | The same plus super strength, speed, and durability, enhanced regeneration, can heal others, enhanced senses and more mindfuck abilities (speeds up his opponents' perceptions before their bodies can keep up), matter manipulation (can turn inanimate objects into living beings, such as his hats), can reflect damage back to an attacker | Same as base plus super strength, speed, and durability, telekinesis, flight, and energy beams
Weaknesses: Sometimes his improvisation can fail, inspires a lot of cucks to backstab him
Destructive Capacity: Building level+ (can call for demolitions and command a private army with his wealth) | The same | Large planet level+ (easily destroyed Earth)
Range: Planetary
Speed: Average human, attacks come at the speed of light | Peak Human movement speed, FTL reactions | Sub-Relativistic movement speed, FTL beams/attack speed
Durability: Vastly superhuman, his deflector shield and regeneration mean he can tank the attacks of the entire world | Higher | At least Trump wall level+
Lifting Strength: Average human | At least Class 5 | At least Class G (his mecha is used to build the wall, independent of TK)
Striking Strength: Average human | At least Class KJ | At least Class GJ (his mecha has been used to break apart concrete for the wall, independent of TK) 
Stamina: Incredibly large and high energy, is often up at 4 A.M. to commence his mindfuck abilities on TV or twitter
Standard Equipment: A pistol, his plane, Trump Force 1, his helicopters, his phone and computers to compose radioactive tweets
Intelligence: Fairly high. Opinions vary, but Trump is smart enough to seem dumber than his mark (law 21 of The 48 Laws of Power, which you can begin to learn about by subscribing in the prompt at right). In truth, Trump operates according to a highly effective and planned persuasion system.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Tweets: A very quick and highly effective hypnosis and mindfuck technique. Trump sends out a tweet that has multiple purposes - to demoralize, to energize support, and grab attention/shift focus.

- A/B Testing: Donald Trump live tests mindfuck techniques on his audience, allowing him to refine what works best (can dovetail with his Tweet technique).

- Linguistic Kill Shot: An extremely devastating mindfuck technique that works at once as illusion (to shift attention) and mind control. It operates on three principles - it usually uses a "new" kind of word that reflects what people already tend to think of his opponent, it is easily visual or sensual which allows his prospects to convince themselves of its accuracy (a very powerful mind manipulation technique in itself), and it lends itself to confirmation bias, which means the shot can be a delayed ticking time bomb set to devastate his opponent at a later date when he or she does something that reinforces the kill shot (which is inevitable since the terminology is so broad).

- Frame Control: A feature of his deflector shield. Donald Trump maintains control of the frame and uses his mindfuck attacks to get his opponents off theirs, reinforcing his position at the top of the social hierarchy and allowing him to dictate the terms of the exchange.

- Antifragility: Another feature of his deflector shield. Sometimes, the shield means he doesn't simply deflect or endure an attack, but gets stronger from it.

- Vagueness: Another form of mind control. Trump doesn't talk about his plans except in vague ways, allowing his prospect to fill in the blanks with their own ideas.

- Trumpmehameha: An energy blast coming from The Towering Trump mecha. It is FTL in speed and can easily destroy a planet.

Notable OBD Victories:

- The HST and Toriko (Holy Shonen Trinity, Toriko)

- Mahora Academy (Negima) (He teamed up with Broly)

- Hillary Clinton (Real Life)

Notable OBD Losses:

Other: Nevermind wrote a book about Donald Trump's mind control system. If you can imagine yourself using these powers, you can start by going here.

Key: Base | MAGA Stand | The Towering Trump

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