Gets about as much ass as a urinal

Name: Bacterian
Origin: Dragon Ball
Gender: Male
Classification: Human Martial Artist
Age: 40
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, durability, an intense body odor rancid enough that those within close proximity of him need to wear gas masks
Weaknesses: Not much of an actual fighter
Destructive Capacity: Wall level+ (was capable of hurting Krillin somewhat)
Range: Several meters with his rancid spit
Speed: Peak human
Durability: Wall level+ (took a kick from Krillin, and was only taken out by a fart)
Lifting Strength: Likely peak human+
Striking Strength: Around Class KJ
Stamina: Peak human
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: Low, pretty stupid
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Super Bad Breath: Bacterian opens his trap an exhales nausiating fumes.

- Stinky Balls Touch: Bacterian touches his never washed crotch, and then touches you.

- Rancid Spit: A barrage of spit ball attacks.

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