Project A-ko OBD
This series was originally intended to be porn. True story

Background Information

Project A-ko is a parody series, that pokes fun of several franchises including the Jackie Chan, Superman and Wonder Woman franchises. It was in actuality supposed to be part of a hentai series and it still retains its ecchi nature with a shit ton of panty shots, nude scenes and innuendos. It centers around A-ko, the unofficial child of Superman and Wonder Woman, B-ko, lesbian genius and resident rich bitch, and C-ko, the most annoying little girl you'll ever have the unfortunate chance of encountering this side of the galaxy.

Standing in the Battledome

A-ko and B-ko are ridiculously powerful for high school girls, B-ko's suit can carry a six kilometer ship and A-ko plays hopscotch with interplanetary missiles. It has various inconsistencies most of them lol worthy, example A-ko chucking tanks at people in one scene then having trouble opening a door in the next. C-ko can also control a multiverse destroying, FTL three headed dragon. All in all this is a decently overpowered verse made for oldfags who can remember the 80's when anime was still good.
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Character Profiles

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