Ghost Sweeper Mikami OBD
Mikami and her underlings Yokoshima and Okinu

Background Information


Ghost Sweeper Mikami: The Great Paradise Battle!! is a comedic horror manga series by Takashi Shiina. It was published by the weekly manga magazine Shōnen Sunday from 1991 to 1999. In 1993, it won the Shogakukan Manga Award for shōnen. The series explores some folk religion themes such as possession, exorcism, shamanism, Yurei, and Yōkai. Overdevelopment and crowding in Japan has forced many of its indigenous spirits and ghosts to lose their homes. Due to problems caused by the homeless spirits, a new profession was created, the Ghost Sweepers (GS). Private exorcists for hire; they serve only the highest bidder to survive in the cutthroat corporate world. Among this, the Mikami GS Company, led by Reiko Mikami and her two assistants, the teenage boy Tadao Yokoshima and the ghost girl Okinu, is said to be the best. The manga setup is scenario-to-scenario, with many plots intertwining classic Japanese culture and modern day realities, with occasional references to western influences. In between these plots are some longer story arcs where new characters are introduced and the existing characters are further developed. There is no one ongoing storyline, therefore the plots are character-driven and serve to gradually develop characters, especially the main protagonists.

TL;DR Version: This manga is about a money hungry ho with attitude who wears short skirts and high heels and slays ghosts and demons and her two underlings; one of which is the nastiest pervert you'll ever see and the other who can't help but be nice. All in all though, this manga is very funny and doesn't fail to entertain.

Standing in the Battledome

This verse is very weak on average if we're talking direct combat.

However, there are a lot of broken abilities which can be seen as a saving grace. Broken abilities like Yokoshima's Monju which he can infuse his thoughts into in order to make them do whatever the hell he wants as long as it is on a minor scale (such as freeze foes to temperatures near Absolute Zero, copy an opponent's thoughts and fighting abilities, and make enemies lose their memories).

We also have Mikami who can time travel and alter minor things in the past, separate her spirit from body and enter empty vessels and see the omen of death on others. Ashtaroth, the most powerful character in the manga in his Ultimate Form, is capable of destroying whole islands. And finally, there are "Gods" whom have abilities in the league of remote viewing and cursing others so they never stop gaining weight and at a rapid pace to make matters worse.

Character Profiles


Ghost Sweepers

Reiko Mikami
Tadao Yokoshima




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