Duke Nukem OBD
Blow it out your ass.

Background Information

Duke Nukem is an action hero game series created by computer game developers Todd Replogle, George Broussard, Allen Blum and Scott Miller of 3D Realms/Apogee Software. Since Duke Nukem 3D, Nukem has been voiced by voice actor Jon St. John.

Duke Nukem goes on rampage through time and space to stop aliens from stealing Earth's women. He does this using an arsenal of weaponry, his boots and his macho self.

The franchise is also notable for the much-anticipated game Duke Nukem Forever, which was in development for over 12 years before the company went bankrupt, and what followed was a long odyssey before it was finally released.

Standing in the Battledome

While only a peak human at best, Duke Nukem has several feats that show him to be very strong. Alien guns (including the shrink ray and the freeze ray) increase his destructive powers.

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