shut up meg
Shut up Meg 


Name: Meg (the name of her first host, Meg Masters, we never find out her true name)
Origin: Supernatural
Gender: Female
Classification: Presumably upper level demon, daughter of Azazel
Age: At least a couple of centuries old 
Powers and Abilities: Her true form is an incorporeal spirit and can possess people against their will, while occupying a vessel she has access to super strengthspeeddurability, reflexes and stamina, telekinesis (to a degree of inflicting internal damage), immortality (type 6 and 7), teleportation, supernatural perception, can command hellhounds, arcane knowledge of magic
Weaknesses: Devil's trap (though she can bust out of it with a spell), holy water, iron, salt, various demon killing items
Destructive Capacity: Wall level (ultimately uses more hax)
Range: Dozens of meters with TK
Speed: Superhuman, possibly supersonic reactions 
Durability: Superhuman, the nature of her true form makes her difficult to kill however 
Lifting Strength: At least class 1 (even fodder demons can overcome 2 tons of pressure with physical strength)
Striking Strength: 
Class KJ
Stamina: Nigh limitless
Standard Equipment: Used to walk around with agoblet that allowed her to communicate with Azazel through blood; an Angel blade as of S07
Intelligence: High; has outsmarted the Winchesters (John included) on more than one occasion, and she can be quite formidable with prep
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