The Emperor and his huge pauldrons

Name: The Immortal God Emperor of Mankind (original/true name unknown)
Origin: Warhammer 40,000
Gender: Male
Classification: Human/"God"/Psyker, gestalt psychic reincarnation
Age: Approximately 48,000 years old
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, reactions, and stamina, Time manipulation, empathic and telepathic abilities (his telepathy is likely superior to the Cacodominus's), precognition (long and short range), clairvoyance, technopathytelekinesispsychometrymatter manipulation and transmutation,  elemental manipulation, energy manipulation, reality warping (created a miniature Dyson sphere), psychic blasts 
and shields, astral projections, illusion creationsoul manipulation, immortality (type 1 and 3), regeneration (low-mid), vastly enhanced and augmented senses and perceptions, able to manipulate the Warp
Weaknesses: When faced with dealing with close friends or "sons" he refuses to use his full power outright unless absolutely necessary, The Golden Throne's life support systems are beginning to fail and it will be a matter of time before he dies. If there is no solution and if that happened, his soul and spirit will get torn apart and forever trapped in the Warp (pretty much ignored since nobody uses Post Heresy Emprah in a vs thread)
Destructive Capacity: Star system level+ at least (telepathic and energy attacks are equivalent to being "focused as a laser and more destructive than a supernova" and this was performed when he was in a near death state), potentially multi-star system+ (imprisoned Void Dragon, the arguably most powerful among 4 C'tan in the Milky Way Galaxy under the Mars after beating it in a fight)
Range: Several meters melee range, many dozen kilometers with ranged attacks, Galactic+ with the Astronomican (cross/multi-dimensional with psychic and astral abilities)
Speed: Massively hypersonic+ (far faster than his Primarchs, who are easily in the quadruple digits mach range), Massively FTL+ reactions/close combat speed (fought the C'Tan Void Dragon on equal footing and punched it from Earth straight to Mars)
Durability: Star to star system level+ (fought and defeat Void Dragon, the arguably the most powerful among 4 C'tan has appeared in the Milky Way Galaxy so far and endured attacks from Horus despite having the backup of 4 Chaos Gods. Should also be capable of generating similar levels of energy to his attacks with his shields)
Lifting Strength: Class T+, should be massively higher (can toss giant metallic space aliens across planets/from Earth to Mars)
Striking Strength: Class XKJ+ (can punch apart planets easily, blows that were traded with Horus were violently affecting the moon sized starship they were fighting in)
Stamina: Vastly Superhuman

Standard Equipment:Highly customized and augmented Terminator armor, customized bolter gun and flame sword (pre-Horus Heresy)
Intelligence: A massive genius on the scale of technical, mechanical, in general basically everything such as genetics and biotechnology that allowed him to research, design and develop the Primarchs, Custodians, and Astartes, and make each such incredibly powerful and durable warriors; nearly undid the influence and power of the Immaterium/Warp and its Patron Gods of the Chaos Pantheon with his intelligence leading to great devices, developed the Astronomican; lead thousand upon thousands of fleets, flotillas, armies, and armadas across most of the galaxy in a period of just over two hundred years; is a master strategist and tactician of the highest order and supremely qualified diplomat and leader in all things considered; a super genius and charismatic man if there ever was one
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Warp Storm: By disrupting the Warp dimension, he can create devastating Warp Storms capable of turning space itself into chaotic turbulence and destroying star systems and more.

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Other: These stats are for the Emperor in his prime during the Great Crusade. Before he got crippled and barely kept alive by the Golden Throne.

Note: The Warp storm named "Storm of the Emperor's Wrath" is not yet proven conclusively to be the Emperor's i.e. a massive muli star system encompassing psychic/warp storm after the Heresy (post 31st century) is likened to be the Corpse's God's power, but this is the claim of the clergy of the Imperial Church, thus it's not conclusive if he actually did it.