Volume 1 of New Grappler

Background Information

Grappler Baki, by Itagaki Keisuke, is quite possibly the nuttiest thought out, brutal, and strangely funny martial arts manga you'll probably come upon.

The manga series is basically about the brutal life of Hanma Baki on his quest to defeat his amusing but cruel father, Hanma Yujiro. It's basically a mix of Baki's development as a fighter, whatever is going on with the rest of the somewhat large cast, and numerous reminders of why Hanma Yujiro is considered the strongest thing on earth for this verse.

The manga has 4 parts:

- Grappler Baki
- New Grappler Baki
- Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre
- Baki Dou

Standing in the Battledome

Strength feats for the series range from punching down steel doors, nearly making the Statue of Liberty collapse, using a military transport helicopter as part of a weight training work out, and Yujiro's infamous earthquake stopper.

The high and top tiers are in the supersonic+ to hypersonic+ range.

There's also an abundance of different techniques such as the ability to create certain of amount of air upon one's hand to take apart glass that withstands a missile to the technique of Xiaolee that negates blunt physical force. There are also techniques like the whip of mercury that instead of focusing on damaging the person internally, it works along the lines of being a savage slap with your hand that horribly scathes a person's skin; while at the same time ignoring durability where just having more muscle creates even more surface area to "smack." In other words, imagine something that makes an "indian burn" feel like sex in comparison.

It also must be mentioned that Bakiverse has what are quite possibly some of the most brutal martial artists you could find. Having an arc devoted to homicidal convicts with some in its group willing to use swords, poison, explosives, a wire that slices through human flesh (bone and all) with ease or even stop a man's fall from 100s of feet, hypnosis to fool a person into fighting an illusion, etc.

The usual main characters of the series are willing to hit below the belt. No joke there as Baki, Retsu Kaioh, and others are quite guilty of hitting a person in their junk.

This is one of the few series for the OBD where you can actually ponder how well someone can take a superhuman kick, punch, or open palm thrust to the balls.

Supporters of the Series

  • Garv
  • Kurou
  • neodragzero - Leader and originator of the Baki movement in the dome
  • PDQ
  • Ryoma Nagare
  • StealthRanger


Character Profiles

  • Biscuit Oliva
  • Hanayama Kaoru
  • Hanma Baki
  • Hanma Jack
  • Hanma Yuichiro
  • Hanma Yujiro
  • Izo Motobe
  • Kaioh Retsu
  • Kaku Kaioh
  • Katsumi Doppo
  • Katsumi Orochi
  • Musashi
  • Pickle

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