The Ogre

Name: Yujiro Hanma, also known as the 'Ogre'
Origin: Baki the Grappler
Gender: Male
Classification: Martial Artist
Age: 30-40
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed/agility, durability, stamina, endurance, expert in martial arts
Destructive Capacity: Small town level+ (has stopped an earthquake with only a single punch), possibly higher
Range: Average human melee range
Speed: Hypersonic+ (at least mach 10+, he had a roughly mach 10 feat quite early in the series, later he became much faster)
Durability: Small town level+, possibly higher
Lifting Strength: Class 100
Striking Strength: Class TJ
Stamina: Large
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: Knows every martial art in the world and can adopt a style by just seeing it. Overall genius intellect devoted to learning over 20 languages, high-level medical knowledge, etc. all in the pursuit of greater martial arts ability
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Oni no Kao: The pronounced show of his back muscles that look like the face of a demon. It usually signifies the impending death of his opponent. Kaku Kaoh also refers to it as the natural fighter structure of back muscles. These muscles were only formed through that of combat rather than weight training and the usual means of developing muscles.

- Xiao Lee: Negates physical blunt force as a defense and has the offensive form of allowing a powerful punch without needing to use overwhelming muscular strength.

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