Aquarion with the Vectors and some of the main cast in the foreground.
Aquarion with the Vectors and some of the main cast in the foreground.

Name: Aquarion, The Machine Angel, Solar Wing
Pilot: Varies
Origin: Aquarion (Sousei no Aquarion, Aquarion: Wings of Betrayal, Aquarion EVOL)
Classification: Mechanical Angel, Avatar of Apollonius, Super Robo
Height: Aquarion Mars/Aquarion Angel: 51.1 meters ; Aquarion Luna: 46.2 meters; Solar Aquarion/Solar Aquarion 2: 48 meters
Weight: 88 tons (according to its official stats, likely a few thousands of tons)
Powered By: The remnants of Apollonius' soul combined with the emotions and psychic abilities of the 3 Elements
Destructive Capacity: Island level | Continent level+
Range: Extended mecha melee range, dozens of meters with short range techs, although certain attacks can ignore the concept of distance and go as long as it takes to reach the enemy
Performance: Sub-relativistic (stronger than machine that can escape the Earth's atmosphere in a few seconds, its Mugen Punch can reach the Moon in 20 seconds)
Terrain: Air, ground, space, underwater
Durability: Small island level | Continent level+
Material: Unknown
Lifting Strength: Class M | At least Class Z (held the entire Earth together when it was about to fall into pieces)
Striking Strength: Class EJ (can punch Cherubim Soldier to the Moon) | Class NJ (Can hold the entire Earth together), possibly higher
Gattai: Vector Sol, Vector Luna, Vector Mars, Vector Alpha, Vector Delta, Vector Omega (the combination of either of these 3 can form Aquarion)
Special Forms: Aquarion Mars, Aquarion Luna, Solar Aquarion, Aquarion Soluna, Solar Aquarion 2
Notable Features:
Needed Prerequisite for Use: Having a crew of 3 Elements (psychics) who share a healthy bond with each other to pilot it
Weaknesses: The powers of Aquarion wildly fluctuate depending on the mental state of its pilots (in short it tends to job a lot), if taken too much much damage, Aquarion forcibly separates back into its Vectors, the pilots' senses are linked to the Aquarion, meaning they can be knocked unconscious in case the machine takes a certain amount of damage. Most of Aquarion's attacks are limited to one of the 3 forms and often also require a specific pilot at the helm.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Gattai!: Aquarion is formed by combining the 3 Vectors. In the process of Gattai, the soul and consciousness of the 3 Elements merge allowing them to share telepathic bond and feel each other's emotions. Depending on the arrangement of the Vectors, Aquarion can assume various shapes.
  • Aquarion Mars: A tall form of Aquarion that wields swords. Corresponds to Vector Mars as its head, Vector Sol as its back and Vector Luna as its legs.
  • Aquarion Luna: Relatively short machine with retractable wings. Corresponds to Vector Luna as its head, Vector Mars as its back and Vector Sol as its legs. Aquarion Luna fights with a bow albeit its fully capable of engaging in melee combat.
  • Solar Aquarion: Corresponds to Vector Sol as its head, Vector Luna as its back and Vector Mars as its legs. It's a machine closely resembling Aquarion's true form.
  • Aquarion Angel: Similar to Aquarion Mars but the head unit was replaced by Vector Omega.
  • Solar Aquarion 2: Same as its predecessor but with Vector Omega replacing the missing Vector Mars for the machine's legs.
  • Aquarion Soluna: After the Solar Aquarion's arms are destroyed and separated, Lihua, Tsugumi Rosenmeier and Pierre united to form this Aquarion. Essentially it's like the Solar Aquarion, it uses the Vector Luna as the head, but flipped forward, becoming the torso on top of the Vector Sol, making a leg/stomach/head formation. It is assumed this is the tallest of Aquarion's forms due to its unique configuration. With only 2 Vectors though, the formation was also weaker.
- Element Powers: Aquarion has the ability to greatly amplify the Elements' powers, allowing the pilots to imbue the machine with their own power. Each Element has its own unique power:
  • Apollo: Human reincarnation of a Shadow Angel. Barring special situations the only one who can form Solar Aquarion.
  • Sylvia: Half-human and Half Shadow Angel. Her main power is psychokinesis.
  • Sirius: Half-human and Half Shadow Angel. His main power is to "scan" areas but he's also an excellent swordsman.
  • Pierre: Element with the power of fire and the spirit of soccer. Can ignore the rules of physics and fuck gravity while using soccer techniques.
  • Reika: Has the power to cause bad luck on her opponents. She can also occasionally foresee bad events.
  • Tsugumi: She can turn her emotions and intense beating of her heart into explosions or a surge of power.
  • Jun: Can see through solid objects and check for weak points which then he can also show like photographies.
  • Rena: Ambigiously a vampire with teleportation, energy drain and some other powers.

Solar Aquarion
Solar Aquarion
Solar Aquarion

- Solar Wings: Quad wings that look like solar panels. Spreading out the Solar Wings increases Aquarion's powers considerably. In addition the panels can emit rays of heat to melt the opposition at short range.

- Mugen Punch (Infinite Punch): Solar Aquarion throws a punch and its arm suddenly extends without seemingly any limit. The punch can also move freely and even take rapid turns to attack the enemy from unexpected directions. This is Apollo's signature attack but rarely other characters were also using it.

- Mugen Cross (Infinite Cross): Doubled version of the previous technique. Solar Aquarion releases both of its arms, attack two opponents at the same time in a cross fashion.

- Flame Punch: Using Pierre's Element power, Solar Aquarion can release a wide but short-ranged blast of fire while delivering a punch.

Aquarion Luna
Aquarion Luna
Aquarion Luna


Aquarion Mars
Aquarion Mars
Aquarion Mars

- Long Range Rapier: TBA

- Jealous Sword: TBA

- Lonely Angel Sword: Attack executed with Sylvia in control. Aquarion throws its sword towards the enemy. If deflected Sylvia uses her telekinesis to call back the sword and impale the enemy from behind.

- Fire Kick: With Pierre piloting Aquarion's legs, the machine can release a kick enhanced with fire.

- White Hot Fire Kick: Only usable while Pierre is at the helm. Aquarion Mars kicks the air, generating a white-hot football ball of fire that generates a large explosion. The attack also nearly drains him in the process.

- Infinity Breast: Tsugumi declares her love towards Reika, her friends and the entire humanity while pushing her heart-rate to maximum. As a result Aquarion Angel unleashes a pink heart-shaped wave of energy from its breast with enough power to break through the dimensional barrier leading to Atlantia. As chees and awkward it sounds, this also one of Aquarion's most powerful attacks, draining Tsugumi completely in the process.

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Key: Regular forms | Legendary Aquarion Form | Ancient Aquarion
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