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Background Information:

Metroid is an action video game franchise created by Nintendo. The series follows the exploits of the bounty hunter Samus Aran and her battles against the Space Pirates. Infused with alien DNA and given a technologically advanced suit Samus Aran is force unto herself.

With a number of addons over the years Samus Aran has grown stronger with each passing entry into the franchise.

Standing in the Battledome:

The Metroid universe is huge spanning several galaxies and star systems. The major forces of power include The Galactic Federation, The Space Pirates and a lost highly technologically advanced race called the Chozo ,who incidentally are adoptive "parents" to Samus. Many factions have technology that is able to destroy a planet.

In terms of fighting potential the verse shines with the aid of samus who is mostly found assraping the Master Chief from the Halo series.

Samus also makes several cameos as a playable character the Super Smash Bros series.

Supporters of the series:

- ChaosTheory123 (only played Zero Mission, Prime 1, Super, and Fusion)
- Eldritch Sukima
- Gundam Meister
- Jane Crocker
- Keollyn
- zenieth

Character Profiles:

Bounty Hunters:

- Samus Aran
- Zero Suit Samus
- Kanden
- Noxus
- Spire
- Trace
- Weavel
- Sylux
- Rundas
- Ghor
- Gandrayda

Space Pirates:

- Mother Brain
- Ridley
- Kraid
- Phantoon
- Draygon
- Omega Pirate


- Metroid
- Alpha Metroid
- Gamma Metroid
- Zeta Metroid
- Omega Metroid
- Queen Metroid

Phazon Entities:

- Phaaze
- Metroid Prime
- Dark Samus


- Emperor Ing
- Amorbis
- Chykka
- Quadraxis

X Parasites:

- X Virus
- SA-X


- Crocomire
- Gorea
- Flaahgra
- Helios
- Mogenar
- Thardus
- U-Mos
- Torizo

Race/Civilization Profiles

- Galactic Federation
- Space Pirates
- Chozo
- Luminoth
- Alimbics
- Ing


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