This cover probably says everything.
This cover probably says everything.

Background Information

Freezing is a manhwa currently being released on a bi-monthly basis in Japan's Comic Valkyrie magazine. It is written by Korean author Dall-Young Lim and illustrated by Kwang-Hyun Kim. The premise (nominally) centers on humanity's efforts to combat alien invaders from another dimension by creating female warriors known as Pandora and pairing them with male Limiter partners (as if the intent of this wasn't obvious enough). There are two non-canon anime seasons.

Freezing is considered by many OBD'ers to be made of fail. This is mainly due to heavy amounts of fan service, lack of very original or deep characters, and other nonsensical mediocrities that crop up on many occasions in the manhwa, plus that one incident that should never be named (don't explore it, at your own risk). Seriously its godawful, like a more "ecchi" version of Claymore, while it almost parodies itself by trying to be serious with its uh, plot.

It's so fucking turrible that one wonders why we have a page for it. (Who knows?)

Standing in the Battledome

Freezing has a cast of superhuman characters, some of which are supersonic, along with other powers such as low-level regeneration. The Nova aliens are cross-dimensional and can fire particle beams with the power of 20 gigawatts. Their explosions also leave a decent AoE. Nova self-destruction reaches toward island level with an output of about 1.2 gigatons.

Overall however, the verse is not very strong and would fail the The Method of Test. It would possibly even lose to Fairy Tail.

Character Profiles