goddamn impala 
 Carry on, my wayward son


Name: The Impala, 'baby'
Origin: Supernatural
Type: 1967 Chevrolet Impala
In use by: John, Sam or Dean, can also be used by any quality family man/character
Powered by: Pure awesome
Destructive Capacity: Run you the fuck over level
Durability: It will only die when the show does, so never :maybe
Material: The exterior is coated with man tears, pride, and parallel realities; its interior runs off the heart of family men
Performance: Omipresent
Weaknesses: Not a Cadillac, though Death has that covered
Terrain: The road so far
Needed Prerequisite for Use: The keys and your family
Operational Timeframe: wut?
Weaponry: Wheels and the bumper, also a crapton of weapons in the back of the trunk
Weapons Range: Wherever you need it to go
Special Forms: Really?
Notable features: Cleaning ink spills and punking lolis on an omniversal scale
Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

- Omniversal Riding: The Impala has the ability to open rifts in omniverse that allow it to tread the cosmic freeways at the rider(s) whim.

Omniversal Toot Toot: Bitches and hoes get in line when you beep the legendary horn of The Impala.

- Omniversal Drifting: The Impala while drifting can cause distortions of time and space even in alternative realties, Impala Projection on an omniversal scale, illusions of Impala itself shattering many terrible characters, from many, many terrible universes the same time that turn real which has as a result to create in the end omniversal redemption.

Omniversal Brakes: When the rider hits the brakes, it's not the car that stops, rather than the omniverse itself.

Omniversal Headlights: With this, The Impala can expose shit and trolls on an omniversal scale. Bad things exposed to the light of The Impala tend to be subject to vehicular homicide shortly thereafter.

Vehicular Homicide: Like regular homicide, except it's the Impala, therefore you get run over at omniversal speeds.

The Impala >>>>(ad infinitum)>> you



The Impala is one of many black swords. Known as Nigrum Infernum. It watches over the boys from afar. Awaiting the day it meets the Eternal Champion (Jack Kline, obviously).