Gigantomakhia OBD
The troll


Background Information

Gigantomakhia is a short manga written by Kentaro Miura (also known as that guy that wrote Berserk). Taking place in an undefined post-apocalyptic future 100 million years from now, the series follows the adventures of the wrestler named delos and his impish companion Prome who likes to take a piss on people in order to heal them (really). The reason for their journey is never really explained, but it seems to involve trying to find giants that give the post-apocalyptic world life. Gigantomakhia shows us one such journey, where the two encounter the beetle-riding people of the desert and defend them against an empire that looks suspiciously Roman.
Prome is also a massive troll, providing the manga with plenty of comedy.

Standing in the Battledome

Gigantomakhia's shortness of length prevented it from collecting a lot of feats, but what we do see is fairly impressive. Prome has a fairly wide panoply of powers, including being able to transform Delos into a massive giant, in which she controlled a TNT equivalent about 5 times larger than the Hiroshima bomb (but ir's unknown if she can direct it in a purely destructive way, though). She can also cast illusions, has telepathy and so on.


Character Profiles

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