The closest thing to heroes LoK has
The closest thing to heroes LoK has

Background Information:

Legacy of Kain is a series of five games which include Blood Omen 1, 2, Soul Reaver 1, 2, and Legacy of Kain Defiance.

The games are known for their complex puzzles, and deep compelling story.

The story focuses around a Vampire named Kain and how everyone tries to fuck with his history which is not a good idea.

Standing in the Battledome:

From a battle perspective, it's not a very strong verse in terms of pure physical stats. The main characters, Kain and Raziel, top out at the 20-30 ton strength range and are wall level in terms of sestructive capacity and durability. However, both have a variety of powers to supplement their physical prowess, especially Kain.

Soul damaging attacks are the main feature of this game. The defining weapon in the game, the Soul Reaver, is a soul devouring blade that takes nearly anyone's soul with a single strike.

The verse is also ripe with dimension warpers, psychics, a pissed off soul devouring astral god that exists in all times at once, and lots of time fucking, although that usually requires a plot device for mass time traveling.

Character Profiles:

- Kain
- Moebius
- Raziel
- Zephon
- The Elder God

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