Way better than the games. (not)
Way better than the games. (not)

Background Information

Sonic the Hedgehog is a comic series printed regularly by Archie Comics. It features the majority of the main cast of the Sonic video games and introduces a ton of other returning characters. The plot (despite being aimed at an age range of 9-12, and it shows) is pretty great overall (if you're furfag with pedestrian tastes, or mentally deficient), and features a wide array of authentic (what, it has villains who are actually villains? Get the writers a fucking award for this right now!) villains, such as Enerjak, Scourge the Hedgehog, and Mammoth Mogul. There are a lot of new elements involved that define the series a lot more than the Sonic games. It's so well-defined, in fact, that its fanbase is literally incapable of understanding what the fuck is being shown to them on-panel.

Standing in the Battledome

In terms of power, it is one of the strongest universes out there. Nearly every character can destroy planets, and dimensions (wow, this is unique right?) They have vast time and spatial manipulation (another unique broken level) as well as powerful reality warping (now this is really dangerous). The high-end characters can destroy universes (implying this is impressive in the grand scheme of things). Characters that make a return from the games include Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, Tails, Silver, and more that no one cares about.

Was once wanked to fuck by certain annoying furfags who can't grasp the marvelous skill known as reading comprehension.

The overall conclusion of the debate seemed to be that Mammoth Mogul had the power to destroy dimensions at a very fast rate (some of them the size of full universes), but only one at a time. Titan Tails was able to fix everything he did in a few minutes at most, making him multiversal, although the exact size of the multiverse is in question, the upper limit being several million full - sized universes).

Supporters (aka furfags that need to become family men)

  • Furries, may or may not include Cubey among them. Knowing Cubey though, he's probably one of them


Haters (aka normal people with normal prejudices against furfag scum)


Character Profiles


  • The Xorda
  • The Eggman Empire
  • The Black Arms
  • The Dark Legion