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Background Information

A completed manhwa series created by Yeo Beop-Ryong (author) and Park Hui-Jin (artist).

Rey Yan was an orphan with no home, no skills, and no purpose. But when he comes upon the PaSa sword, a cursed blade made from the bones of the demon king, he suddenly finds himself with the power to be a great hero. The sword's creator is the evil Shiyan, the royal vizier who needs the sword to assist him in releasing his ancestor, the demon king. Surprisingly, it holds a decent story, likable characters and with some truly epic fight scenes, especially later as the series progresses.

Also, it has 37 volumes. (It ended in Korea), but chapters are still being translated.

Standing in the Battledome

Power is (often) not going to help you against this verse. Hax and hax are definitely needed.

But that is not to say they're not powerful.

The top tiers/god tiers are at least universe level+. The earliest God character in the series was/is a low multiverse level being by having created 3 already (with the Demon Realm apparently housing multiple universes). As the series progress, the number of universal beings skyrockets and, at the same time, their uniqueness plummets.

Basically, that level of power becomes nothing special, and the series final antagonist can make a number of those very beings look like a joke.

Supporters of the Series

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OBD Profiles


Character Profiles


Top Tiers

High Tiers

Mid/High Tiers

Mid Tiers

Low Tiers

The Power

Enough to be considered a very strong verse.



Some mid-tier fag
Some mid-tier fodder



A few low tier characters taking a city busting explosion
A few low tier characters taking a city level explosion



Lightning being shot down
Lightning being shot down


Rey intercepting it
Rey intercepting it


Shouren blocking light
Shouren blocking light



Tons. It would be pretty cumbersome to name them since they seem to have every special ability in the fictional book.


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