Best Archer Of The Heavenly Realm
Best Archer Of The Heavenly Realm

Name: Yeh
Origin: Chronicles of the Cursed Sword
Gender: Male
Classification: God - Best Archer Of The Heavenly Realm
Age: Unknown
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, agility, durability, transformation, immortality, flight, ice manipulation
Weaknesses: None
Destructive Capacity: At least star level by feats, universe level by scaling (even base form Jukwol is enough for the Ban Go Rey that destroyed a pocket dimension by powering up. Yeh went against transformed Jukwol and stopped an attack from an enemy that lolnope the defense that rendered Ban Go Rey attacks null)
Range: Several hundred meters
Speed: Massively hypersonic
Durability: Potentially universal (can endure Jukwol hit to an extent)
Lifting Strength: Superhuman
Striking Strength: Class EJ (capable of hurting Jukwol)
Stamina: Fairly high
Standard Equipment: His bow and arrows
Intelligence: Battle genius and master strategist, is responsible for leading the army of the heavenly realm to victory against the Demon Emperor in the great war
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Regular Arrows: Are powerful enough to counter Jukwol's Half Moon

Special Nine Arrows: This arrows are the ones Yeh used to shoot down nine suns, each one has a different name and power

Blue Lion Arrow: While the arrow travels it freezes everything in his path (was able to cancel Jukwol's Jade Moon with ease)

Ice Wind Arrow: Same as the Blue Lion but as long as the arrow exists its coldness increases

Green Glacier Arrow: Creates a massive ice block

Red Death Arrow: The minute it's shot, it freezes its target's body below zero and locks it in ice

Je Oshi Arrow: The moment the arrow is shot the temperature in the air drops down rapidly freezing everything in his path

Kushi Chunumeki Arrow: Yeh pierces himself with this arrow creating a powerful armor

Kamrujun and Paksojun Arrows: When Yeh is using his armor he uses these two arrows to fight in close combat, these arrows have the power to freeze the opponent the moment he gets hit

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