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Name: Aurora | Aurora Alpha (improved variant)
Origin: Command & Conquer - Generals
Type: Hypersonic Strike Bomber
In use by: United States of America
Powered by: Advanced Jet Engine
Destructive Capacity: City block level+ (their bombs are huge)
Performance: Hypersonic (it's also notably just too fast for any anti-aircraft defense to hit it in the verse), supersonic cruise on return
Terrain: Air
Durability: Street level+
Material: Aluminium alloy (and many other materials)
Needed Prerequisite for Use: Being a trained military jet pilot
Operational Timeframe: Unknown, but most likely has the operational range over 6000 kilometers

  • Huge Bomb x 1 (seems to be an unguided "iron bomb"
  • The Aurora Alpha has a more powerful Fuel Air Bomb
  • Laser point defense x 1 (can shoot down incoming missiles)
Weapons Range: Must fly nearly above the target to drop its payload
Notable features: Hypersonic flight, advanced avionics, GPS and other navigation systems, precise data-link, electronic warfare suite, advanced targeting systems, anti-missile decoy launchers, laser point defense system
Weaknesses: Slows down considerably after having dropped its payload (probably to conserve fuel) which makes it vulnerable to AA fire on return.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Key: Base | Only for General Alexander (Aurora Alpha) | Only for General Granger
Other: The Aurora Strike Bomber was most likely based on the rumored real world Aurora project which people were suspected to be a hypersonic fighter replace the SR-71 Blackbird. Even now the USA denies that such aircraft ever existed and some people theorize "Aurora" was a codename for the project which then lead to the development of the stealthy B-2. We may never know the truth but it sure didn't stop the creative team to imagine their unit based on this myth.

Aurora Alpha - It's time to say goodbye to your most precious structures, General.
Aurora Alpha - It's time to say goodbye to your most precious structures, General.