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Name: Overlord Tank, Emperor Overlord Tank (refurbished and upgraded version after the 2013 Emperor Project)
Origin: Command & Conquer - Generals
Type: Super Heavy Tank
In use by: People's Liberation Army of China
Dimensions: Length: 10 m, width: 5 m, height: 4-6.7 m (Overlord Tank); length: 12 m, width: 6 m, height: 8 m (Emperor Overlord Tank)
Weight: Hundreds of tons
Powered by: Gas Turbines (Nuclear Fission Reactor after upgrading it)
Destructive Capacity: Small building level+
Durability: Small building level+ against concentrated attacks, its whole body can take large building level punishment (tanked a low-yield nuke from close range)
Material: Composite
Performance: Below 50 km/h (but 70+ km/h with a nuclear reactor), Gatling Cannon has automated systems capable of targeting supersonic aircraft in flight
Terrain: Ground
Needed Prerequisite for Use: None (examplified by the fact that almost any random soldier can drive these once the crew's taken out)
Operational Timeframe: Unknown, at least a few hundred kilometers range (raises massively after getting a nuclear reactor)

  • ZPT-98 125 mm Cannons x 2 (mounted on the sides of the turret, 140 mm cannons for the Emperor Overlord)
  • Turret Add-on (limited to only one, Emperor Overlord starts with Propaganda Tower and can also add a Gatling Cannon but not a Bunker):
    • Infantry Bunker (can hold up to 5 soldiers)
    • Gatling Cannon
    • Propaganda Tower
Weapons Range: Several kilometers
Notable features: Durable and sturdy design, large turret that can also support add-ons like a messaging towers, gatling cannons or a small bunker, advanced fire control mechanisms allow it to fire on the move, data-link with allies, able to crush tanks with its size and weight, shots leave brief-lasting but lethal radiation (after upgrade), can repair its armor by hearing allied propaganda speech (game mechanics)
Weaknesses: Its slowness makes the Overlord vulnerable to units that can outmaneuver the tank.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Other: The Overlord has an improved larger cousin called Emperor Overlord Tank. It has superior size, armor and firepower yet in Battledome sense it has roughly similar capabilities.