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Command and Conquer: Red Alert OBD
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Background Information

The Command and Conquer: Red Alert series is a trilogy of RTS games, the first two produced by Westwood Studios and the third by Electronic Arts. The plot of the series begins when, in an effort to avert the horrors of World War II, Albert Einstein creates a machine called the Chronosphere, which he uses to go back in time and erase Hitler from history. The Nazis never rise to power, but World War II still happens when Stalin attempts to forcefully expand the Soviet Union, bringing him into conflict with the Allied Nations.

The third installment Red Alert 3 is set in another alternate reality. Being on the losing side of the war, the Soviets use the time machine to erase Einstein from the timeline, stripping the Allies from their greatest weapon inventor. They succeed weakening the Allies but it also draws many unseen consequences. A new power called Empire of the Rising Sun awakes, turning this into the War of the Three Powers.

Standing in the Battledome

In a straight battle, Red Alert isn't really a strong verse. Most units and vehicles are only barely stronger than their real life equivalents. Even if there are some relatively superpowered units, the verse as a whole lacks speed feats. What's worth mentioning are their superweapons ranging from nukes, energy cannons to a device that manipulates weather. They also have devices that can temporally generate nigh-impenetrable forcefields (enough to protect against said superweapons). But the verse's most notable feature is the Chronosphere technology that allows them to manipulate time and space. That allows them to teleport units, selectively freeze time in an area (Sigma Harmonizer) and if set up at certain key locations it can even be used to travel back in time. There are also Chrono Legionaries (in RA2) with weapons capable of erasing people and objects from the timeline. Another notable aspect are the psychics in Red Alert. In RA2 it mostly means telepathy and mind control, eclipsing in the Psychic Dominators that were used to control everyone on Earth. In RA3 psychics take up a more combative role, using telekinesis and its derivatives to cause mayhem. In raw power, the series is below the main Command and Conquer universe, but above the Generals universe, but if they're left alone the verse's hax may allow them to take on even stronger opponents.

Supporters of the series

- Basilikos
- Dandy Elegance
- Eldritch Sukima
- StealthRanger
- willyvereb

Character Profiles

Allied Nations:

- Chrono Legionnaire
- Tanya

Empire of the Rising Sun:

- Yuriko Omega

Soviet Union:

- Boris
- Tesla Trooper
- Volkov
- Natasha Volkova


- Brute
- Yuri

Weapon Profiles

Allied Nations:

- Chronosphere
- Future Tank X1
- Harbinger Gunship
- Proton Collider
- Weather Control Device

Empire of the Rising Sun

- Giga Fortress
- King Oni
- Psionic Decimator
- Shogun Executioner

Soviet Union

- Apocalypse Tank
- Iron Curtain
- Kirov Airship
- Rocket Launcher


- Psychic Dominator
- Mastermind

Faction Profiles

- Allied Nations
- Empire of the Rising Sun
- Soviet Union
- Yuri
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