Future Tank X-1 OBD
Please put down your weapon, you have twenty seconds to comply

Name: Future Tank X-1
Origin: Command and Conquer - Red Alert
Type: Unmanned superheavy tank
In use by: Allied Nations
Powered by: Collider fuel cell
Destructive Capacity: At least small building level+, likely at least building level with Riot Beam
Durability: At least small building level+
Material: Unknown
Performance: Unknown (much slower than normal tanks)
Weaknesses: Can only use its Riot Beam periodically.
Terrain: Ground
Needed Prerequisite for Use: None (the Future Tank is autonomous)
Operational Timeframe: Unknown (the Harbinger Gunship, which uses the same type of power source, can stay active for days at a time)

  • Neutron Scrambler x2
  • Riot Beam Cannon x2
Weapons Range: At least several kilometers (is intended to replace normal tanks and probably has at least comparable range)
Special Forms: None
Notable features: Controlled by an onboard AI, automated self-diagnostics and repair system, built-in IFF system
Notable Attacks/Techniques: