"Soviet Power Supreme"
"Soviet Power Supreme"

Name: Apocalypse Tank
Origin: Command and Conquer - Red Alert
Type: Super Heavy Assault Tank, One-Tank-Army
In use by: Soviet Union
Powered by: Diesel Engines, Nuclear Reactor | Diesel Engine, Tesla Reactor
Destructive Capacity: Small building level+, large building level with nuclear shells | Likely city block level via powerscaling
Durability: Building level (its main body can withstand high-yield bombs from Harriers) | Likely far higher due to being far heavier armored
Material: Unknown (likely some sorts of composite) | 16 layers of reinforced steel
Performance: Unknown, should be below 50 km/h, has systems to track fighter jets (even if the missiles are a little slow) | Almost lumberingly slow
Terrain: Ground
Needed Prerequisite for Use: A crew to operate
Operational Timeframe: Unknown, probably can travel for several hundreds of kilometers | Unknown but it should be less than its predecessor's (Tesla energy is less effective)

Red Alert 2

  • Twin-barreled 120 mm cannons
  • Mamoth's Tusk Anti-Air Missile Pods x 2 (7 tubes for each)
  • Sponson-mounted anti-air machinegun
  • Front-mounted machinegun

Red Alert 3

  • Twin barreled 125 mm Drakon HEAT cannons
  • Shchuka Magnetic Harpoon
  • Myasorubka Meat Grinder Chain Treads

Weapons Range: Likely several kilometers with the cannons and at least a few dozens of kilometers with the AA missiles | Several kilometers with the cannons, likely at least hundreds of meters with the M-Harpoon
Special Forms: None
Notable features: Has 4 sets of threads, smoke launchers, advanced communications and data-link, advanced fire control, self-repair system likely based on nanomachines | Advanced sensors and data-link, self repair system, has 4 sets of treads, powerful grinder to tear through buildings and armor in contact, magnetic harpoon to capture a vehicle and draw it towards the machine

Weaknesses: Slow, vulnerable to faster anti-armor units. AA missiles are locked to only target aircraft and too slow to effectively chase down fighters. | The tank crew has limited line of sight and they are unable to fire while on the move. The M-Harpoon disables the turret while active due to energy requirements. Any but the elite tanks lack ammunition effective against infantry.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:


Key: Red Alert 2 Apocalypse Tank | Red Alert 3 Apocalypse Tank

"Armageddon is here!"
"Armageddon is here!"