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Name: Kirov Airship
Origin: Command and Conquer - Red Alert
Type: Armored Zeppelin, Super Heavy Strategic Bomber
In use by: Soviet Union
Dimensions: About 100 meters long, 40 meters tall and 25 meters wide | About 32 meters long, 12 meters tall and 8 meters wide (possibly larger)
Weight: Tens of thousands of tons | Thousands of tons
Powered by: Main Propeller, Auxiliary Propellers x 7 | Main Engine (Propeller or Gastroburners), Auxiliary Propellers x 4
Needed Prerequisite for Use: Being a well-distinguished officer of the Soviet Union
Destructive Capacity: Large building to city block level (those bombs are huge), higher w/ Tesla Bombs | At least large building level, city level w/ nuclear bomb
Durability: Building level | Unknown (supposedly less armored and tough than its predecessor)
Material: Steel | Titanium
Performance: Slow (below 50 km/h) | Slow (likely below 50 km/h), can become at least twice as fast with Gastroburners
Terrain: Air
Operational Timeframe: Unknown, at least a few thousand kilometers (has enough range to cross the Atlantic Ocean)
Red Alert 2:

  • Gunport (with a large twin-barreled autocannon looking downward)
  • Bomb Bay (carrying seemingly endless supply of bombs, either conventional or Tesla kind)
Red Alert 3:

  • Bomb Bay:
    • Bombs (huge conventional bombs that are most likely self-replenishing just as the V4's missile)
    • OR
    • Nuclear Bomb (with the yield of 50 megatons)

Weapons Range: The gunport can likely shoot from a few kilometers, bombs are dropped from directly above the target | Bombs are dropped from directly above the target
Notable features: Large and sturdy design, slight VTOL capability, communications array, data-link with allied units on the battlefield, multiple searchlights, seemingly inexhaustible stash of bombs | Mostly the same as the previous but a little lighter, can ignite a volatile fuel to gain speed boost, possibly can harness the kinetic energy of the drop to recreate its bombs (yep, it makes no sense with physics but whatever...), can be modified to carry and drop a powerful nuke
Weaknesses: Slow and huge which makes it easy to hit with AA fire. Requires to fly directly above the target to drop its payload | Same as the previous. In addition the continued use of Gastroburners would corrode the airship's internal (potentially leading to a catastrophe). Also when equipped with a nuke the Kirov is too slow to escape the blast radius in time, resulting in its destruction along with the target area.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

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Key: Red Alert 2 | Red Alert 3

The new Kirov Airship as it's shown in the cutscenes of Red Alert 3.
The new Kirov Airship as it's shown in the cutscenes of Red Alert 3.