Mammoth Mk. I
Mammoth Mk. I

Name: Mammoth X-66/Mk. I | Mammoth 27/Mk. III | Mammoth Mk. IV
Origin: Command and Conquer - Tiberium Universe
Type: Super Heavy Assault Tank
Dimensions: 2.7 m x 5.4 m x 9 m | 4 m x 6 m x 12 m | 5.5 m x 11 m x 16 m
Weight: 150+ tons | Hundreds of tons | Hundreds to few thousands of tons
Crew: 8 (including engineers to maintain and repair the machine) | 1
Needed Prerequisite for Use: Having the necessary training to operate the vehicle
In use by: Global Defense Initiative, Forgotten (they possessed a few salvaged Mk. I tanks in TW2)
Powered by: Gas Turbine | Dual Mil-Spec CVJF ducted turbine generators | Generator (unknown type)
Destructive Capacity: Building level | At least building level+ | Likely city block level+
Durability: Building level+ | At least building level+ | Likely multi city block level (implied to be tougher than the Mastodon)
Material: Composite | Hexagonal Composite | Octagonal Composite
Performance: 50 km/h | 30-40 km/h | 30-40 km/h
Terrain: Ground
Operational Timeframe: At least hundreds of kilometers
Mk. I

  • Dual 120mm Cannons
  • 60mm Missile Launchers x 2 (6 tubes each)


  • Dual 150mm Cannons (can be upgraded to Railguns)
  • 4.75 inch Missile Pods x 2
  • Top-mounted remote-controlled machinegun

Mk. IV

  • Dual 150mm Cannons (can be upgraded to Railguns)
  • Missile Launchers x 2 (4-tube design, can be upgraded with two extra launcher pods)
  • Taunt Laser
Weapons Range: Several to dozens of kilometers
Notable features: Durable hull, advanced sensors (can spot and fire at aircraft) and fire control (can fire on the move), data-link with rest of the allies on the battlefield, can charge its armor with energy (Steel Talons' Mk. III only), can increase the rate of fire of its railguns (Mk. III/Steel Talons only), has a chance to redirect physical&energy attacks (Mammoth IV with Mirro Plating), has on-board engineers to repair the armor/hull (genuine but still slow self-repair with nanomachines for the Mk IV)
Weaknesses: Nod sabotaged the Mammoth Mk. I tanks, making their fire control mechanism slightly bugged | The energy requirements of the Adaptive Armor decrease the weapon's rate of fire. The Railgun Accelerator overheats the barrels and may even catastrophically damage the tank on the long run |
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Taunt Laser: The Mammoth IV has a non-harmful laser weapon that can somehow enrage or amuse the target, forcing it to attack the Mammoth Tank and nothing else. This shows GDI's confidence in the Mammoth's armor but the whole strategy involving the Taunt Laser is rather questionable.

Notable OBD Victories:

Notable OBD Loses:

Key: Mammoth Mk. I | Mammoth Mk. III | Mammoth Mk. IV
Other: Unlike the others, the Mammoth Mk. II is a large four-legged walker, thus not included in this profile. Same goes for the tank's "predecessor" from Red Alert.
Mammoth Mk. III
Mammoth Mk. III

Mammoth Mk. IV with railguns.
Mammoth Mk. IV with railguns.