Nod Buggies and Recon Bikes pass the desert in the First Tiberium War
Nod Buggies and Recon Bikes pass the desert in the First Tiberium War

Name: M34 "Buggy" Light Patrol Vehicle | Attack Buggy | Raider Buggy | Raider
Origin: Command and Conquer - Tiberium Universe
Type: Fast Attack/Patrol All Terrain Vehicle
In use by: Brotherhood of Nod
Crew: 1-3 | 1 | 1 | 2
Dimensions: 2.6 m x 1.4 m x 1.8 m (early type), 2.4 m x 1.6 m x 1.6 m (late type) | 3.0 m x 2.0 m x 1.3 m | 4.3 m x 2.5 m x 1.9 m | 4.2 m x 2.8 m x 2.8 m
Mass: 600+ kilograms | Likely around 2000 kilograms | Likely around 1000 kilograms | Likely around 3000 kilograms
Powered by: 1800cc KLP-54 V12, Direct-injected and Turbocharged Engine (850 horsepower) | Unknown Engine | Unknown Engine + Laser Capacitor | Unknown Engine/Generator
Destructive Capacity: Street level+ | Wall level | Wall level+, small building level w/ Spitfire Laser | At least wall level+
Range: 1100 m | Few kilometers | At least few kilometers (can target aircraft), EMP Burst effects anything in dozens of meters | At least few kilometers (can target aircraft)
Durability: Street level, wall level for late war variations | Wall level+ (more durable than Wolverine mechs) | Wall level+ | At least wall level+
Material: Durasteel and Chromium Steel Alloy chasis with Duraflex rubber wheels | Unknown | Unknown | Unknown
Performance: 380 km/h (can also perform tight 6G turns and is a potential bullet timer, later variants should have similar or at possibly even better speed)
Terrain: Ground
Needed Prerequisite for Use: Having a license. But you'd need to be a pretty damn good driver to use the vehicle's full capabilities.
Operational Timeframe: Has the combat radius of at least 300+ kilometers


  • M60 Machinegun (mounted on the top, either operated by a gunner or later types are remote-controlled, certain variants use M134 Minigun instead)
    M19 40mm Grenade Launcher (alternative weapon configuration in place of the machinegun, not featured in-game)
Attack Buggy

  • Raider Cannon (small-bore multi-barreled autocannon effective against infantry and light vehicles)
Raider Buggy

  • Machinegun (unknown type) OR Spitfire Laser Capacitor (upgraded, rapid-firing laser weapon)
  • EMP Coils (upgrade, can unleash an EMP blast to temporally shortcircuit nearby vehicles, including this Raider Buggy)

  • Machinegun (more like a triple-barreled autogun turret effective against light armor)
Notable features: Lightweight all-terrain wheeler design, versatile light weapon platform (albeit it's almost always outfitted with only machineguns), data-link with all allies on the battlefield, advanced fire control, IFF system and remote-controlled gun for the late war variants | Same but better armored and armed, resistance to Tiberium and its radiation, has various sensors | Same but more powerful, has advanced sensors that can detect stealth units, further advanced fire control allows targeting aircrafts, can be outfitted with laser capacitors and EMP coils | Same but lacking the option for lasers and EMP coils, improved armor and firepower
Drawbacks: They are poorly armored and their massive performance makes Buggies a rolling deathtrap for inexperienced drivers. | The Raider's sensors are outdated now and cannot detect the latest stealth and burrow technologies employed in TW4 (Tiberian Twilight).
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- EMP Burst: Nod's attempt to create a cheaper and less cumbersome method to deliver disabling EMP weapons to the battlefield were concluded in the development of the Raider Buggy. This fast-attacking vehicle can be outfitted with special coils which can unleash an omnidirectional electromagnetic pulse to temporally shortcircuit all machinery in its vicinity. Unfortunatelly this method didn't work out as much as they hoped and it's still a little costly, requiring special permission and a Tech Lab to field. The EMP blast also doesn't differentiate between friend or foe, requiring care. It even disables the Raider Buggy itself for a time, requiring a separate force to take down the helpless enemies.

Key: Buggy (TW1/Tiberian Dawn/Renegade) | Attack Buggy (TW2/Tiberian Sun) | Raider Buggy (TW3/Tiberium Wars) | Raider (TW4/Tiberian Twilight)

Other: The first iteration of the Nod Buggy is obviously based on the US Military's Desert Patrol Vehicle, with some obvious alterations. Not to be confused with the similarly - named character from One Piece or the GLA vehicle from Command & Conquer - Generals. Albeit the latter originates from similar roots.

Late war version of the Nod Buggy featured in C&C Renegade.
Late war version of the Nod Buggy featured in C&C Renegade.

Raider Buggy from the Third Tiberium War
Raider Buggy from the Third Tiberium War

Nod's Raider as it was featured in C&C Tiberian Twilight.
Nod's Raider as it was featured in C&C Tiberian Twilight.