Welcoem to the Rainbow Palace
Welcome to the Rainbow Palace

Name: Rainbow Palace
Origin: Bomberman
Type: Spaceship, Fortress
In use by: Sirius
Powered by: An unknown powersource
Destructive Capacity: Universe level
Durability: Universe level
Material: Grass, dirt, rock, metal, water, ice, fire, lava,
Performance: FTL
Weaknesses: The four smaller islands have no shields and they are what holds the the middle island's barrier up
Terrain: Space and air
Needed Prerequisite for Use: Nothing notable
Operational Timeframe: Never runs out of power
Weaponry: Lasers
Weapons Range: At least planetary
Special Forms: Nothing notable
Notable features: The ship has an island sized barrier and it houses the Omni Cube
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Lasers: The five islands will start blasting lasers capable of busting city sized areas.

Other: (Anything else that's noteworthy)