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Background Information

Blame! (ブラム! Buramu! )

Blame! is a seinen cyberpunk manga illustrated and written by Tsutomu Nihei. It spans 10 volumes and was first published monthly in Kodansha's anthology "Afternoon".

A six part OVA was produced based loosely on the manga. Currently, a Blame CGI movie is in the works. Tsutomi also wrote a prequel for Blame! called NOiSE which offers some information concerning the Megastructure's origins and initial size, as well as the origins of Silicon life.

Blame centers around adventure seeker Killy in his quest through the Megastructure for the possibly extinct Net terminal genes. Genetic markers that allow direct interface with the Netsphere. It is necessary to attain a human with the genetic marker to stop "Builders" and prevent the city from collapsing on itself. The net terminal genes also are needed to shut off the safeguards that routinely kill humans, further driving them towards extinction.

Standing in the Battledome

They have characters with FTL reflexes, matter and space manipulation, etc.

Other powers include but are not limited teleportation, precognition, low-mid to low-godly regeneration, intangibility etc.


The Megastructure is a dyson sphere the size of the solar system. Each layer of the sphere is separated by a nearly impenetrable layer similarly called megastructures. The structure actually started on earth and it uses the sun, and several gravity generators to generate power and maintain a livable environment. Robotic autonomous beings called "Builders" where used to build and maintain the system but due to the Net Chaos that spread the builders started building uncontrollably without rhyme or reason.

The expansion was supervised by The Authority and people that had genetic markers. The people who had the gene markings could connect to the Net Sphere, an administrative hub that could be used to control every aspect of the structure. The Safeguards are robotic entities that protect the net sphere users from harm. Due to the infectious Net Chaos, The Authority lost control, builders started building sporadically and the safeguards went on a killing rampage. Killing all humans that they came across. The Net genes were lost and civilization regressed.


  • Safeguards: Are entities that exist solely to protect the net terminal genes. When the Net Chaos spread they corrupted the modus operand, having them kill humans indiscriminately. A nine leveled hierarchy exists within the organization, the exterminators being the lowest (level one) and the level nine being the highest. The exterminator class has a sub section of three levels in addition to that.
  • Silicon creatures: Are cybernetic criminals that did not agree to the current system and rebelled. They are bent on destroying the Net Terminal genes in a bid to maintain there live style. They did not start the Net Chaos, but they actively support it.
  • The Authority: Is the administrative level of the net sphere. They aid Killy in his quest to control the spread of the Net chaos, but they cannot directly interfere without the command of a terminal gene user.

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