Blood and Steel manga OBD
Volume 4 cover.

Background Information

Blood and Steel is a wuxia manhua by Qiao Jingfu (author) and Meng Ma Gong Zuo Shi (artist).

The story begins with the eradication of Qing-Cheng style by a group of martial art fanatics from the Wudang style, whose master and disciples only has one belief – that they're the strongest in the world. In order to prove their supremacy, they seek to defeat all other martial arts styles and kill those who refuse to yield themselves to them.

Yan Heng, a young swordman in Qing-Cheng, was saved by the ‘Wudang Hunter', Jing Lie, who also lost his fellows because of Wudang. Being the only remnant of their groups, the two allied and start their journey of revenge against Wudang.

Standing in the Battledome

Blood and Steel is a weak verse on the whole, with only low superhuman fighters, around street/wall level and faster than the eye. They do exhibit notable martial skill and technique though, which may give them the edge against opponents around the same level.

Supporters of the Series

- Chahige

Character Profiles


- Daojin Hu Linglan
- He Zi Sheng
- Jing Lie
- Yan Heng


- Yao Lianzhou
- Ye Chenyuan