Name: Fused/Merged Zamasu
Origin: Dragon Ball
Classification: Shin-jin, Supreme Kai,  ''Fake'' Saiya-jin, Fused Being
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Power and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, endurance, agility, skilled in martial arts, afterimage creation, the ability to manipulate and use ki both defensively (can use his ki to enhance his natural durability and harden his skin) and offensively (can likely shoot ki blasts capable of crossing thousands of kilometers and blowing up entire planets), energy sensing, can travel through time or backwards in time for a short period (provided someone has traveled backwards in time before him), can create a blade of energy using his ki, immortality (type 3), Kai Kai/Shunkan Ido (can instantly teleport between any location, even between universes), gets stronger after feeling intense pain, should have whatever abilities Zamasu and Black have individually, soul destruction resistance | Upon abandoning his physical form, Zamasu can become one with the universe (non-corporeal) and spread his influence across multiple timelines, this makes him incredibly difficult to get rid of, he can also fire powerful ki attacks
Weaknesses: His fusion is unstable, as such he loses the ability to rapidly increase in power that Black had and his immortality is gone since he fused an immortal with a mortal, making him vulnerable; his ego makes him overconfident and thus much more likely to underestimate his opponents
Destructive Capacity: Universe level+ (far above baseline universal) | Universe level+ (his attacks become much stronger despite losing a part of his immortality) | Universe level+ (despite increasing his physical stats, it is overall his ''weakest'' form, since he becomes too unstable and can't control his power) | Universe level+
Range: Universal
Speed: Massively FTL+
Durability: Universe level+ | Universe level+ | Universe level+ Universe level+ (also non-corporeal which makes him difficult to kill)
Lifting Strength: At least Class M+
Striking Strength: Universe Class
Stamina: Very large
Standard Equipment: Time Ring
Intelligence: Should be better than Black and Zamasu individually at everything
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Wall of Light: Fusion Zamasu emits a powerful purple bird-like structure structure of enormous energy which eliminates all that it touches. This Wall of Light seems to possess a being of its own as it roars when destroyed by Goku and Vegeta.

- Lightning of Absolution (Zettai no Ikazuchi): Fusion Zamasu fires a purple-colored lightning blast from his body, or the body of his Wall of Light.

- Blades of Judgement (Sabaki no Yaiba):  From his halo, Fusion Zamasu fires a barrage of red energy blades that can strike the opponent. If the blades makes contact with the earth, they will burst in a destructive explosion.

- Holy Wrath (Seinaru Gekirin): Fusion Zamasu creates a sun-like energy sphere and tosses it at his opponent.

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Merged Zamasu Fused with Light of Justice


Merged Zamasu Fused with Light of Justice (''Monstrosity'' Form)


Key: Merged Zamasu | Fused with Light of Justice | Fused with Light of Justice (''Monstrosity'' Form) Fused with the Universe