Gabriel ToAru OBD
Obviously doesn't have a gender.

Name: Gabriel, the Power of God, Misha Kreutzev
Origin: Toaru Majutsu no Index
Gender: Technically genderless, but appears female
Classification: Archangel
Age: At least as old as Christianity
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, agility, durability, endurance, flight, reality warping, magic, water manipulation, low-high regeneration
Weaknesses: Nothing notable
Destructive Capacity: City level+ (could match Kanzaki in combat, wings were stated to be capable of flattening mountains), star level with Astro in Hand | Island level+ (was able to vaporize a small mountain), star level with Astro in Hand | Country level+ (was going to melt all the ice at the North Pole and cause a 2000 kilometer wide phreatic explosion just to restore its wings), likely higher, star level with Astro in Hand
Range: Dozens of meters, at least solar system range with Astro in Hand | Hundreds of meters, at least solar system range with Astro in Hand | Thousands of kilometers, at least solar system range with Astro in Hand
Speed: Hypersonic+ (could keep up with Kanzaki and force her into a defensive battle), massively hypersonic combat speed (should be at least comparable to Gunha) | Hypersonic+, massively hypersonic combat speed | At least hypersonic+, massively hypersonic combat speed
Durability: City level+ | Island level+ | Country level+, likely higher
Lifting Strength: Class K, powerscaling from Saints
Striking Strength: Class PJ | Class EJ | Class ZJ
Stamina: High, could fight with Kazakiri and Accelerator simultaneously, was only defeated after having its physical body destabilized and getting half its power drained
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: Fairly intelligent, able to abuse small openings in combat and use underhanded tactics like attacking bystanders, could trick expert magicians while disguised as Misha Kreutzev
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Water Wing: Due to its control over the element of water, Gabriel can form wings of water to attack with it. The water wings attached to its back can be used as both physical weapons and ranged projectiles fired in rapid succession. In addition, the wings can be formed into things like swords to fight with or shattered to rain down thousands of ice fragments

- Energy blasts: Gabriel is able to fire blasts of energy from its hands as an offensive attack. While not demonstrated by the incomplete incarnation of Gabriel from Angel Fall, during World War III, a single blast was capable of vaporizing mountains

- The Sweep: After moving the celestial bodies in the sky, Gabriel uses the lights of the moved stars as a magic array, and summons billions of meteors to rain down upon its opponents. A weaker version bombards everything within a two kilometers with tens of millions of meteors, and at full strength, the spell is capable of reducing half the Earth's surface to ash

- Astro in Hand: Manipulates the movement of celestial bodies such as the planets, sun, and moon, and can be used to turn day into night. It can destroy the Earth by stopping its natural rotation

- Messenger of God: As a messenger angel, Gabriel is capable of manipulating information and can obscure supernatural senses such as premonition and intuition, forcing opponents to rely on the physical five senses to fight.

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Other: There are many versions of Gabriel in fiction, this profile only deals with the Toaru version, and should not be confused with any others, including the mythological original.

Key: Angel Fall | World War III | Pure Archangel