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Name: "One-Eyed" Othinus
Origin: Toaru Majutsu no Index
Gender: Female
Classification: Magic God, former founder and leader of GREMLIN
Age: Around 13-14 physically, thousands of years old
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, agility, durability, endurance, magic (can exercise any kind of magic), reality warping (Magic Gods can control anything in the world through magic), probability manipulation, causality manipulation, time manipulation (time stop and time regression), immortality (types 1 and 4), necromancy
Weaknesses: Her infinite possibilities encompass failure as well, giving her a 50% chance of failing a given action (this problem can be nulled through Gungnir). Can't truly destroy anything, just give impression of doing so through implementing phases (essentially "creating destruction").
Destructive Capacity: Universe level reality warping (she embedded billions of phases, warping the universe with each one of them)
Range: Universal
Speed: At least relativistic via powerscaling, likely higher (she never demonstrated any speed feats, but characters far weaker than her can move at that speed), has attacks which propagate at Massively FTL speed
Durability: Planet level+ (she shot herself with her Crossbow and regenerated shortly after), her immortality makes her more difficult to kill
Lifting Strength: Average human, far higher when augmented with magic, was able to rip off Touma's right hand with brute strength
Striking Strength: At least Class EJ+ (her physical strength is sufficient enough to break human's skull, but she has no need for that)
Stamina: Nigh-infinite (it's doubtful whether she has any limitation in stamina, but her mentality sure has)
Standard Equipment: Gungnir, Crossbow, Bone Boat
Intelligence: Huge. Is the Leader of GREMLIN, which has instigated several events global in scale. She outsmarted characters such as Fiamma and Ollerus, the first one who orcherstrated WW3, while the second infiltrated GREMLIN without any suspicions.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Absolute authority: at the summit of their power, Magic Gods attained ability to control everything in the world through magic. From manipulating time, colliding entire galaxies, dispersing one's existence and even manipulating principles of life and death, creation and destruction. Distorting natural laws governing universe enables them to screw logic to achieve virtually any effect.

  • Illusions: Othinus can confuse senses of her opponent. She did it to Ollerus making him believe that his attack has reached her.

  • Invisible explosion: Otinus creates invisible explosion at any spot she desires.

  • Cluster attack: seemingly without any body gesture, Othinus can fill portion of space with hundreds of millions of bizzare explosions with such intensity it can twist spacetime and offset similiar attack of Ollerus.

  • Black Moon: Othinus opens hole in the sky in the shape of pitch black moon and brings it down at her target carving space 10 meters of space in the exact shape and size of the 'moon' itself. It apparently uses "black phase" to trigger that.

  • Stellar spears: Othinus turns stars in the sky into sharp spears of light and rains them down on her oppontent.

  • Einherjar: necromancy which reanimates the dead after inserting gold into corpse. They can move around and still use their abilities, but they're under control of Othinus. This spell works only on humans and can't exert any effect on those who touched territory of God (like Ollerus). After achieving Gungnir, she perfected this spell so now she can freely bring dead back to life. She still can't do anything about beings who are paradoxically both, dead and alive, like Will of Misaka Network.

  • Turn into a fairy: spell that exploits legend where Pagans gods were turned into fairies during a rise of Christianity. It takes appearance of glowing stake of light which, upon contact with target, forciby brings down its existence to the level of fairy and completely destroys interior of body. However, since it was specifically created to counter Magic Gods, it can't be used against humans. She copied it from Ollerus after he used it against her. Moreover, after destruction of Gungnir she could exploit "100% failure defect" through this by performing actions opposite to her initial impression.

Infinite possibilities: as a Magic God she encompasses infinite possibilities. However, that includes every negative possibility so she has equal chance at success and failure in any situation. After unifying these possibilities she no longer has this restriction and can effectively use any magic without fear of backlash.

Phase alteration: the world that human perceive is distorted through overlapping "phases". As a Magic God, Othinus can freely replace them, thus changing everyone's point of view, memories and literally changing surface of the universe. In her quest to break Kamijou Touma's spirit she has created billions of phases

  • Black World: black void with nothing but all-encompassing darkness, without disctinction between heaven and earth. Despite that, it has some "surface" because Touma could walk on it and Othinus herself could destroy portion of it with her Crossbow. This world is apparently some sort of canvas for Othinus to overlay other phases as it always appeared after she shifted different phase.

  • Alpha World: world where everyone saw Touma as an enemy. It wasn't done by altering their memories, but by slightly shifting people's perspective, placing Touma as a villain. It seems to ignore morality and ethics as everyone wanted to kill him, from police to the closest friends.

  • Beta World: world where role of "Kamijou Touma" is performed by someone else. With similiar personality, yet different appearance, this "Kamijou Touma" was used to deny existence of real Touma.

  • Omega World: world of true paradise. Dead were brought to life, all conflicts were resolved and hard feelings were forgotten. This world proved that it doesn't need Touma and his struggle to make everyone's happy, as Othinus can do that without any problem, ultimately causing him to wonder whether all his fights until now were pointless while at the same time bringing him at mercy of despair and solitude, almost causing him to commit suicide.

Gungnir: spiritual item of great power and main weapon of Othinus. Lance crafted by dvergrs with runes carved by godhead of Norse itself, it helped to direct her possibilities in a positive direction. Replicating feats from myth it displayed various characteristics: it was made to be thrown, it would always hit the target, it can't be intercepted, it would always return to her hands after piercing her target and it would destroy symbols of human power, actualizing conceptual authority that humans are powerless before God and thus can't be stopped unless one doesn't transcend this position (that's why even Ollerus can't survive even though he's already in a domain of God). Upon leaving her hand it compresses space, stops time and overlays new phase to create effect of "destroying world".

Crossbow: phantom weapon that uses world itself as a catalyst to launch 10 arrows. It's an incomprehensible weapon that can't be explained by all forms of physics. Single arrow holds power to wipe out planet or two, with such speed it doesn't even allow impact to propagate. She can collide them to suddenly change their trajectories, launch them beyond constraints of 3rd dimension and ignore concept of numbers to divide one to as many as there are stars in the sky.

Bone Boat: just like with Crossbow, it's an item associated with Othinus rather than Odin. She can freely change its size and cross oceans by moving the world itself. Othinus herself makes sure to avoid distortion of timekeeping.


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