Try not to spill blood on his suit.

Name: Unknown, he is only ever referred to as Knight Leader
Origin: Toaru Majutsu no Index
Gender: Male
Classification: Human, Magician, Leader of the Knights of England
Age: Likely in his mid-thirties
Powers and Abilities: Super speed, strength, agility and durability, magic, forcefield, ability to replicate the special abilities of legendary weapons, Curtana's blessing
Weaknesses: Spell of Thororm only works on weapons (punches or attacks performed without any medium can pass it), too many different attacks at once can overwhelm the defense as he can mistake one attack for another, it will not function against those with blood related to the British royal family, and it is ineffective if there is too great of a difference in strength between Knight Leader and his opponent
Destructive Capacity: City level+ (was matching Carissa's strikes, attacks should be at least comparable to Hel)
Range: Extended melee range, dozens of meters using magic
Speed: At least Massively Hypersonic+ (could keep up with Acqua and should be comparable to Gunha)
Durability: City level+, higher with Spell of Thororm
Lifting Strength: Class M+
Striking Strength: Class PJ
Stamina: Superhuman
Standard Equipment: Longsword, Hrunting
Intelligence: Rather smart. Skilled combatant and commander of the Knights of England
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Hrunting: A 3.9 meter longsword with the same name as the famous sword used in the legend of Beowulf. It is coated in blood created from Telesma, and is both durable enough to not receive a scratch from Acqua's attacks and sharp enough to kill him in a single strike should it hit.

- Spell of Thororm: A defensive spell which can block and nullify attacks, whether they be mundane or supernatural, based on its Norse namesake who could dull the edges of blades by looking at them. As long as the caster can see the attack used, it can set the offensive value of the weapon to zero (similar to Masaki Tenchi's Light Hawk Wings). The effect lasts around ten minutes. In the case of projectiles like bullet or arrows, they would lose all momentum and become useless. Explosives would need external interference to explode after the effect expires. However, the Spell of Thororm does have its flaws. For instance, If a bunch of different missiles or weapons were sent flying at Knight Leader, he wouldn't be able to block them all due to possibly mistaking one of the missiles for another, and hidden weapons can potentially bypass it as only what the caster recognizes as a weapon will be affected. It can only affect something that uses a weapon/medium, so anything that's purely magical/power related won't be affected. Also, it cannot be used against opponents who much stronger than Knight Leader or those with blood related to the royal family.

- Pattern Magic: A new form of magic created by Knight Leader after studying the laws and abilities of various legendary swords in mythology, combining and condensing the patterns found in them, and simplifying them down to a single strike like the death of star creating a black hole. The characteristics of the swords constructed a number of spells available to Knight Leader, although only one can be used at a time, which include:
  • Attack Range: Allows Knight Leader to strike from a distance with his attacks
  • Slicing Power: Increases the cutting power of Knight Leader's sword
  • Weapon Weight: Increases the destructive force of Knight Leader's blows
  • Movement Speed: Increases Knight Leader's speed, allowing him to move fast enough to be able to blitz the likes of Acqua and Kanzaki
  • Enduring Solidity: Increases the durability of Knight Leader's sword
  • Special Use: A rare pattern necessary to slay particular monsters
  • Precise Accuracy: Automatically moves Knight Leader's strikes towards the enemy's vital points

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Other: The profile above shows Knight Leader with Curtana's blessing.