Totally not a conspicuous outfit.
Totally not a conspicuous outfit.

Name: Vento of the Front, The Queen of the Adriatic Sea
Origin: Toaru Majutsu no Index
Gender: Female
Classification: Human, Magician, former artificial Saint
Age: Late Teens
Powers and Abilities: Divine Punishment, wind manipulation, super speed, strength and durability; magic, ice manipulation, ice ship summoning, the ability to create ice soldier
Weaknesses: Arrogant, Divine Punishment only functions as long as the cross on her tongue remains intact. | QotAS no longer has Divine Punishment and needs to be within 10 miles of a large body of Water for her power to work
Destructive Capacity: Building level+ | City level
Range: Global with Divine Punishment, several meters with her air hammer blows | Several kilometers
Speed: Faster than the eye can see | Likely supersonic, as she was trading blows with Fiamma of the Right
Durability: Building level+ (was able to take an anti-tank missile to the face and wasn't even scratched) | Multi city block level
Strength: Superhuman | Doesn't use physical strength, though her magical strength far exceeds 100 tons.
Stamina: Superhuman, could singlehandedly invade Academy City and could keep fighting despite taking internal damage from Kazakiri | Superhuman due to magic from The Queen of the Adriatic Sea enhancing her body.
Standard Equipment: A chain that allows her to use DP, Mace | A chain which allows her to control her ice ship fleet.
Intelligence: Average
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Divine Punishment: This ability takes away the consciousness of anyone who has any evil intentions towards her. This effect targets both the body and mind. For the spell to trigger, the person must know her, have seen her, or know her name. For example, if you try think to scold her, aim at her etc, the ability will activate. The ability works by ripping out the oxygen in her opponent's body, and leaving the minimum amount of oxygen necessary to keep her opponents mind and organs functioning so that her opponent doesn't die.

- Air Hammer: She uses a hammer (which does nothing), when moving the chain from the tongue she generates powerful air hammers. These air hammer have about the same amount of power as a railgun. Vent usually throws around these attacks when her Divine Punishment attack doesn't work.

- La Regina del Mare Adriático: As of Volume 20 Vent has modified the Queen of Adriatic on top of Biagio's original modifications, and she now has the power to summon parts of the guardian magical armada to wherever she is. This is shown by a cross made of ice and shaped like an anchor pierced onto her tongue in the place of the cross that uses 'Divine Punishment' that was destroyed earlier. Vento explains this as her element is wind and wind is a crucial part of sailing, she also has partial control over spells that are water-based. Due to this power, she gains the following abilities:

- Ice Soldier Creation: She has the ability to summon immortal Ice soldiers which constantly regenerate as long as there is a body of water near her. Each Ice soldier has attacks that seem to break the sound barrier. She can summon hundreds of these soldiers at a time.

- City Wipe: The first phase of the attack is to bombard the major centers of the city. The second phase is the utter destruction of the knowledge, technology, historical artifacts of the place that the The Queen of the Adriatic Sea is destroying, essentially wiping out the city's culture from the face of the Earth.

- Ice ship fleet: It has a limited range of 10 miles. In order to protect themselves from possible attackers while casting the spell, the Roman Catholics also created a fleet of ships made out of ice from the surrounding sea water. The fleet has a maximum cannon range of 5 km, but more importantly, if any of the ships are damaged or destroyed, they can simply regenerate using the water of the place that they are located in.

- Bombardment: The Ice ship fleet of The Queen of the Adriatic Sea has the ability to launch millions of giant icicles to attack a city. It could be used to hit one spot to deal more damage, or it can be used to bombard the whole city to make a city disappear from a map.

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