So broken he had to be defeated by himself.
So broken he had to be defeated by himself.

Name: Teitoku Kakine, Dark Matter
Origin: Toaru Majutsu no Index
Gender: Male
Classification: Human, #2 Level 5 Esper, Leader of SCHOOL | Awakened Esper | Dark Matter Construct
Age: Teenager
Powers and Abilities: Creation of an unknown substance called Dark Matter, manipulation of multiple forms of energy via Dark Matter, able to twist the rules of physics thus turn harmless natural effects into a dangerous threat, can randomly generate explosive force around himself, telekinesis-like effects, forcefield, flight, regeneration (High), immortality
Weaknesses: He's a cocky bastard
Destructive Capacity: Building level+ (probably much higher, some of his attacks can do damage on a quantum level) | At least large building level+, going by the sheer size of his wings | Large building level, potentially much higher.
Range: At least dozens of meters | Several tens of meters with his wings alone | Several kilometers with Dark Matter constructs.
Speed: Hypersonic (Mach 73.5) reaction time, and at least Mach 23+ movement speed.
Durability: Building level+ (likely higher), at least large building level for his wings | Considerably higher, claimed that not even the entire armies of the world can harm him, probably immune to most conventional weapons | Virtually impossible to kill due to regeneration. Once regenerated from a keychain sized item without problems, But was claimed to be able to regenerate as long as his Dark Matter exists, and Dark Matter goes down to the size of individual particles. Also shrugged off a meltdowner beam that destroyed his whole upper body, and meltdowner beams are about town level.
Strength: Superhuman by using Dark Matter
Stamina: High, was never shown to tire. As a Dark Matter Construct his stamina is insane. He no longer has a true physical body, he doesn't tire, doesn't age, and doesn't need sleep.
Standard Equipment: Tweezer (a claw-like pincer glove that can pick up and analyze individual atoms and molecules, Kakine used it to capture and manipulate Underline, a nanomachine which Crowley used to monitor Academy City)
Intelligence: Genius. Able to calculate with circa 25000 forms of energy in real time and reverse tinkered the mechanism behind Accelerator's vector shield to pass through it. Knowledgeable in many areas of science and managed to reprogram advanced nanomachines in the matter of hours.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Dark Matter: Kakine can generate an uncategorized substance he calls Dark Matter. This isn't the same as the cosmic dark matter which the scientists cannot detect but know to be existing. Kakine's Dark Matter is something that did not exist before he created it. As such the Dark Matter is completely outside the rules of physics and allow him to alter these laws to his liking. Kakine was shown to generate sudden explosions that come out of nowhere or invisible pressure which pushed the target down with growing force.

- Dark Matter Wings: Kakine possess 6 white wings made out of his own Dark Matter which allow him better control and the ability to fly. Any light that touches those wings turns into about 25000 forms of various elemental particles and energy which Kakine used to test Accelerator's vector shield. He can even change the properties of the light for it to pass Accelerator's defense and burn him, despite it originally was just harmless sunlight. The wings can also freely used for both attack and defense and were said to be easily capable of deflecting Mugino's attacks that causes atomic destruction.

- Awakening: Kakine, as the product of his runaway rage and the intense battle with Accelerator, managed to "awaken". His wings transformed, becoming more inorganic and weapon-like while also growing massively in size. Kakine's power increased considerably and he even believed that he could fight all armies of the world and would still come out victorious and unharmed (the novel also said that Kakine wasn't bluffing or exaggerating in the slightest bit). The full extent of his powers are unknown since the freshly awakened Accelerator defeated him before he could showcase anything major.

- Dark Matter Clones: Kakine has been shown to be able to create over 300 Dark Matter clones of himself with a snap of his fingers. Each copy has the same abilties as the real Kakine, and can be taken over by the original Kakine if his main body is destroyed.

- White Beetles: All the beetles still connected to the Original Kakine Teitoku has the ability to regenerate their Dark Matter, apparently indefinitely. The bodies of the beetles are equipped with an organic antenna that uses the structure of the ampullae of Lorenzini that sharks use to find their prey. Using their wings, the beetles can lift their large bodies off the gorund and fly. By vibrating their wings at high speed, they can convey their thoughts in human language and speak, or if the Original Kakine Teitoku need to, his own voice through the beetles. By vibrating their wings in a certain amplitude, White Beetles can allow things as small as Last Order and Fremea Seivelun to levitate. The beetles' horns are cannons that can fire Dark Matter shells on targets, apparently exploding on impact. It does not use gun powder; it does not smoke when fired. Instead, it uses a spring system to fire the shells. The shells detonate by breaking the hardened outer coating with sponge springs, as such, their acoustic effect is only 36% to 50% than that of a normal shell, making it unfeasible to weaponize the shockwaves generated by the shell on impact. Moreover, the shells are unable to destroy other beetles.

- Residual Thought: One of the powers that Teitoku has learned after his revival is the ability to run his Dark Matter on an area's surface, to obtain information of past events, like a powerful form of Psychometry. Moreover, through the use of Dark Matter, he can give them shape to completely recreate past events.

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