All she needed was a hug.
All she needed was a hug.

Name: Mugino Shizuri, Meltdowner
Origin: Toaru Majutsu no Index
Gender: Female
Classification: Human, Cyborg, Esper
Age: Teenager
Powers and Abilities: Control and manipulation of electrons, energy blasts, forcefields, can use her energy blasts as makeshift rocket thrusters, can redirect electric attacks or anything related to electrons
Weaknesses: Has to carefully control her ability and its destructive power in order to avoid accidentally damaging herself
Destructive Capacity: Town level+, roughly equivalent to Mikoto in output (her attacks also cause subatomic destruction)
Range: Several kilometers
Speed: Superhuman, hypersonic+ (Mach 20+) reactions | Hypersonic+ burst movement speed (can react to and escape a TNT explosion from close range)
Durability: Superhuman, town level+ with her shield
Lifting Strength: Average human
Striking Strength: Class H
Stamina: Large (can stand up after her body was filled with bullet holes)
Standard Equipment: Silicon cards, cybernetic eye (can connect with electronic equipment to directly download information into her own brain)
Intelligence: Genius
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Meltdowner: This ability allows her to convert electrons into unstable destructive matter that is said to be in a state between particles and waves. They can be used and shaped to serve a variety of purposes, such as destructive blasts, forming makeshift limbs, and creating barriers.

- Particle Waveform High-Speed Cannon: The use of Meltdowner to create destructive beams. The beams are composed of electrons fixed in an ambiguous state between waves and particles, causing them to "stop" upon contact with objects due to not being able to decide on whether to react as a wave or a particle, hitting the target with a large amount of destructive force. Up to four beams can be fired simultaneously, and each one is capable of vaporizing steel walls and destroying matter on a subatomic level.

- Silicon Burn: In order to compensate for her slow fire rate, Mugino utilizes silicon cards, which disperse her Meltdowner beams into multiple lasers, allowing her to cover much wider areas than normal with her attacks.

- Shield: Mugino can generate round-shaped formations of her Meltdowner to defend incoming attacks. Rather than actually blocking attacks, the shield obliterates matter which comes into contact with it, thus protecting Mugino.

- Meltdowner arm: Mugino can turn her left arm into an energy-like state which can move according to her wishes yet carry the Meltdowner's properties and can expand in size and change shape as needed. However, as it takes the place of one of her limbs, it cannot be used after Mugino receives her artificial arm unless a limb is first severed or blown off.

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Key: Cyborg | Dark Legacy