Amazing Punch!!
Amazing Punch!!

Name: Sogiita Gunha, Attack Crash, Captain Japan
Origin: Toaru Majutsu no Index
Gender: Male
Classification: Human, Gemstone, Esper
Age: 16
Powers and Abilities: Super speed, strength, and durability, forcefield projection, indifference to pain, invulnerability (similar to type 2 immortality), pseudo telekinesis, pseudo teleportation, able to track teleporters
Weaknesses: Has a strict code of honor.
Destructive Capacity: Building level+ likely town level
Range: Human melee range, several meters via Amazing Punch, at least dozens of meters for teleportation range
Speed: Supersonic+ (Mach 2+, could catch Mikoto's Railgun with his teeth, likely higher), massively hypersonic combat speed (could react to and punch down Mikoto's lightning)
Durability: Building level+, at least town level while using the Aurora Guard
Strength: Superhuman, likely at least 10+ tons
Stamina: Superhuman, able to fight despite his vital organs are pierced
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: Skilled street fighter.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Invulnerability: Gunha appears to be indifferent to pain. While not insensible to harm, all Gunha can feel is just a little pricky pain whether he's cut or pierced. Gunha also has a strange body structure which allows him to fight despite his vital organs are seriously damaged.

- Amazing Punch: Gunha delivers a punch which hits the opponent with a mysterious force from a distance.

- Explosion: Generates a mysterious force which blows everyone away from Gunha's vicinity.

- Forcefield Projection: Covers his whole body with an unknown forcefield. His force-field allowed him to tank Misaka's 5 billion volts of electricity, as well as a real lightning bolt pulled down from the sky, without putting in much effort to defend against the attacks.

- Aurora Guard: He can bring up a part of Earth's electromagnetic field by using "telekinesis" to act as a shield against Mikoto Misaka's most powerful lighting strike. It was later stated that doing what he claimed he did was impossible, so the exact mechanics of how he can stop Mikoto's electric attacks is unknown.

- Pseudo Teleport: Gunha displayed the ability to teleport himself in a little fight against Kuroko. However, the range for his teleportation is currently unknown.

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