Stiyl Magnus OBD
Did we mention that he's 14?

Name: Stiyl Magnus, Fortis931
Origin: Toaru Majutsu no Index
Gender: Male
Classification: Human, Magician
Age: 14
Powers and Abilities: Magic, fire manipulation, forcefields, memory anipulation/erasure, quick recuperation from burnt wounds, able to spread out his rune cards telekinetically to prepare for certain spells, can receive and send messages through his cigarette, able to create barriers that jam electronics and able to block both magic and technological communications, can dampen the speed of his fall to safely land, illusion creation, can remotely cause explosions by setting up rune cards, able to break through some magic territories and barriers with prep, can summon a creature of fire (Innocentius) that constantly regeneraes and is technically immortal, super speed and durability
Weaknesses: Summoning Innocentius requires setting up up a boundary with rune cards which the spirit also cannot leave, making it difficult to pull out without a brief prep time, although Stiyl can cover an entire room with tens of thousands of cards almost instantaneously
Destructive Capacity: At least Large Building level, higher with more rune cards (increasing the amount of rune cards also increases his magic potency), much higher for Innocentius although exact level unknown (could deflect three of Index's legendary swords with one of its swings, is most likely the reason it is stated he can defeat saints including Kanzaki)
Range: Several hundred meters
Speed: At least Faster than the eye can see close range movement (can fight Tatemiya evenly), at least hypersonic+ reactions, potentially far higher (can react to JPM Index, stated to be capable of defeating Kanzaki, although the specifics of him doing so are not known)
Durability: Peak human, at least Building level+ with barriers, likely higher (can also resist the heat of his own flames), small island level+ for Innocentius (can tank and regenerate from Index's Dragon Breath spell without issue)
Lifting Strength: Average human
Striking Strength: Class H
Stamina: High, able to continue fighting with severe injuries
Standard Equipment: At least tens of thousands of rune cards, several packs of cigarettes
Intelligence: Above average, skilled in rune and fire magic, also experienced at fighting enemy mages
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Rune magic: The basis of Stiyl's magic, the runes used to form his spells are a magical language developed during the 2nd century A.D., consisting of 24 characters as well as six new ones that were developed by Stiyl himself. Essentially, they are
“words of power” meant to be carved onto objects and the environment, with each one having a different meaning and different effect. Stiyl uses these in the form of laminated cards with runes printed on them that he spreads around the battlefield.

- Flame Sword: Stiyl's most commonly used spell and attack, where he summons a sword composed of flames that burn at 3000 degrees Celsius. As well as being used as a melee weapon, the sword can be detonated to create an explosion, and even the slightest touch is enough to completely vaporize human beings. In addition, even if the sword is destroyed, Stiyl can quickly form another one to attack with.

- Squeamish Bloody Rood: An offensive spell similar to his flame swords, it summons a sword of red flames and a sword of blue flames in his right and left hands respectively. Both swords possess the same qualities as his other flame swords, and are dual-wielded by Stiyl.

- Fireball: Creates a pillar of fire used by Stiyl to attack from a distance.

- Mirages: An optical illusion created by using thermal expansion to cause light to refract. Stiyl utilizes these mirages to create fake images of himself and others to appear where they are not, which then move, act, and even speak according to Stiyl's wishes while he is seemingly invisible. The technique is commonly used to either escape or avoid otherwise fatal attacks, or to distract the enemy while Stiyl moves in for a fatal blow.

- Mental binding: An effect caused by Stiyl placing a specific rune card on the enemy's body, allowing him to mentally bind them and restrain their body and mind when activated.

- Innocentius: Stiyl's most powerful spell. It summons a three-meter tall humanoid mass of 3000 degree flames known as Innocentius to fight for him. It utilizes a giant cross made of fire to strike with and endlessly pursues and hunts down enemies using its automatic tracking ability, melting straight through walls and obstacles to reach its targets. Because of this, it is not necessary for Stiyl to actively give it commands, as it can independently track down and destroy enemies of its own accord. It also possesses a powerful regeneration ability, allowing Innocentius to continually heal and revive itself from attacks and damage so long as the runes in the area remain intact, and the effect is potent enough to allow it to regenerate from Dragon Breath without issue. However, summoning Innocentius requires runes to be spread around the area, its movements will be limited to the boundaries of the runes, and it will cease to exist if the runes are destroyed. Furthermore, it will disappear if Stiyl himself is incapacitated, and sufficiently powerful attacks will circumvent its regeneration, destroying Innocentius as well as the runes used to summon it as a side effect.

- People clearing field: A spell which involves carving the Opila rune. It is a spell which removes those the caster does not want in the area and prevents people from entering or noticing what is occurring in the area by averting their attention somewhere else.

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